20 PPC Tools For Campaigns

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Daniel Wade


July 28, 2022

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What do successful brands do with their PPC campaigns? They keep the engine running; they target, they track, they measure, they boost and continuously analyze audiences, budgets, and ad performance. That's what PPC management is about. It can be a lot of work, but with the right tools and the right team, all your KPIs should be achievable. Here are the top 20 PPC tools for planning and optimizing your campaign.


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1. Google Ads Editor

Google Ads is the most prominent paid advertising platform online. The Google Ads Editor is designed to help those who create and multiple campaigns on the platform. This PPC management platform is free to use and can work without an internet connection. You can download the application, edit your ads offline then upload them later.

Features include an import and export function through CSV files. You can use this function to make larger changes to your ad. You can export and import keywords between your account and the CSV files. You can also use copy and paste functions in the process to speed things up when making multiple changes to your campaign.

2. WordStream Advisor

There is a free trial of this PPC management tool, but to access full features, you must choose a paid package. A 12 months WordStream plan costs $ 2,929, but you can also select a monthly plan of $264.

WordStream works with all the major PPC platforms, including Google Ads and Bing Ads and social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can use WordStream for keywords selection or tracking campaign performance. The solution also features expert consultation as part of the package.

3. Optmyzr

Costs start from $499/month. Optmyzr is integrable with Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Ads. It features automation functions for creating and managing multiple PPC campaigns. The provider guarantees enhancements in minutes, not hours. The tool optimizes information search, so you don't need to pore over spreadsheets scanning for crucial data focuses. The platform likewise offers recommendations for keywords. That may appear to be predictable because many similar tools offer keyword recommendations.

4. Bing Ads Editor

Bing Ads Editor is a free PPC tool for Bing advertisers. Bing is fast growing popular as a search engine for brand outreach, giving Google a run for its

money. Bing Ads are similar to Google Ads in many ways. You can download the Bing Ads software and make offline changes to your campaign then upload them later.

Bing Ad editor's functionalities include editing bids, keywords research, and performance monitoring. You can manage several PPC accounts on this platform and make bulk changes to your campaigns. The user interface for this software solution is customizable, and users can also create and launch campaigns using a copy and paste feature.

5. SEMRush PPC ToolKit

Pricing for SEMRush PPC ToolKit starts from $99 per month. The platform is integrable with Google Ads and Bing Ads. Functionalities in this software include keywords research, competition research, and campaign analytics.

The competition search feature on SEMrush works by domain name and keywords. You can find out what companies you compete with in PPC and SEO and their bidding strategies. The Charts tool provides graphical representations of the performance of your several competitors.

6. Shape

Shape works for Google Adwords, Bing, and Facebook Ads and offers many ways to control, plan, and steam up an advertisement with PPC automation. An incredible Shape asset is AutoPilot. The feature stops your advertisements when they hit the budget you have chosen ahead of time.

The software also has a PPC Budget Pacer that provides spending recommendations each day, and they are distinctively custom fitted for every client.

Supporter Score is another of their features that gauges extreme campaign spends. At the same time, RollOver is a programmed system that alters the financial plan rolling over under/overspend to the next cycle. You can use the tool to spread your budget evenly to all your campaigns or focus on high performing ads.

7. AdStage

The AdStage ad management tool is made for lean in-house marketing teams that want to accelerate PPC campaigns across the web and social media channels. The platform focuses on large scale cross-network PPC campaign creation and analysis on Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Ads. Pricing starts from $29.00/month

This tool empowers clients to automate campaign editing and monitoring. You can set rules that apply to campaign timing, budgeting, scripting, and reporting. The automation function saves time when scheduling your ads. The reporting feature pulls stats from all your PPC ad platforms, from Google to Bing and social media. These reports include analytics on conversion, budget, and KPIs.

8. Google Keyword Planner

When you get keywords right in a PPC campaign, half the battle is won. The free Google Keyword Planner can help you research and plan your keywords for successful PPC ads. Marketers have used this tool for many years, and it mirrors the reliability of other Google Ads tools such as the Ad Editor.

The most significant advantage of this tool is that it is directly from Google. If you are using Google Ads, you can expect the information to be highly precise. It is coming from their servers, so there is no doubt about accuracy here. The user interface is also neat and highly navigable.

9. Google Trends

Google Trends reveal search trends data that are incredibly invaluable when targeting seasonal demand with your campaign. This free PPC optimization tool shows you how popular a search term is. The search volume data can be broken down by region or language.

Using insight from Google Trends, marketers can find better keywords to optimize their ads. You can find newer, related, and low budget but still relevant keywords for optimal targeting. Or you can use Google Trends to inform your budgeting. You can re-allocate resources to hot words, and minimize wastage on keywords with declining popularity.

10. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a PPC tool for measuring ROI across multiple channels. You can use this free web analytics platform to track each web session from your campaign, click-throughs on your buttons and videos, pages browsed, and other related user actions. GA similarly reveals how much traffic your keywords are bringing in and ways to optimize that.

Using GA, marketers can mine related keywords that searchers use to find their websites. It is also possible to identify the links that are most loved by your site visitors. This data on traffic and keywords performance is not limited to web pages. It applies to social media as well.

11. Opteo

Opteo is a progressive analytic tool that can measure your PPC performance. Marketers can track the performance of individual keywords using this tool or analyze the entire campaign. The software makes suggestions on ad optimization based on your performance targets and conversion rates. You can use Opteo for real-time monitoring and performance diagnosis, banking on features for landing page error detection, keywords analysis and ad testing, click rate optimization, and much more.

The Opteo interface is made for user-friendliness. You can seamlessly navigate between features or PPC management and optimization, whether you are working with one or multiple accounts. The performance analysis reports are formatted as graphs, tables, segments, and scorecards, which might make it easier to understand.

12. Spyfu

Want to see what your competitors have in their sleeves with regards to PPC campaigns? Spyfu helps you spy on the. You can use this software solution to expand your keywords options and 'steal' traffic from the best-performing sites in your niche.

With spyfu, you don't have to download the application. It is fully functional online, and its working is pretty straightforward. In the search section of their site, enter a domain name for one of your competitors, and the platform will download all their PPC and SEO data that you need for benchmarking. This data, they say, goes as far back as 13 years.

13. Adzooma

Adzooma is a PPC forecast platform that works with Google, Bing, and Facebook ads. You can use its keyword tool to find robust and higher conversion keywords in your niche. The PPC optimization tool also provides additional parametrics such as keywords search volume that can enhance your advertising's ROI. Adzooma works by rule-based automation that can help to save time, while AI and ML-based analytics can help with precision in PPC optimization and budget management.

14. Adalysis

A/B testing, whether on Google or Facebook, is integral for success in your advertising. If you want a tool to carry out large scale tests fast and accurately, Adalysis is one platform to consider. Its analyses will help you see which versions of your promo does better for your target audience and performance goals.

Adalysis stands out with its alert system that provides real-time feedback on how your campaign is performing. Whether you are working with Google, Bing or Facebook, Adalysis will provide unique data based on your conversion rates along with recommendations on how best to target or edit copy for the best impact. The A/B testing process is fully automated.

15. Unbounce

Unbounce is for optimizing PPC landing pages. As the name suggests, this platform targets to help you minimize bounce rates by improving the style, design, and relevance of your landing page. There are more than 100 landing page templates on Unbounce that you can use, and all of them are structured in a way to captivate users and improve the time they stay on your site.

Sometimes, it's your website that needs optimizing and not your ads. If you are getting click-through numbers but uninspiring conversions, maybe you should do something about your landing page. Unbounce is one platform to consider for the job. Pricing starts from $99 a month.

16. ReportingNinja

ReportingNinja is for marketers that wish to create analytics dashboards and reports that clients and senior management can understand with ease. Pricing starts from $20 per month, and the platform is integrable with all major search engines and social networks.

Features on this platform include an online report editor that you can use to automate PPC report creation. This feature combines all your analytics from Facebook to Google and Bing in one report. A schedule functionality also lets you decide when the reports are to be automatically emailed to your clients or bosses.

17. Octoboard

Octoboard is another PPC report creation tool. Pricing starts at $150 monthly, and the more you pay the more features you get access to. The platform helps to create white-label reports for clients and senior management. Once created, reports can be automatically sent to an unlimited number of recipients.

When you use Octoboard, you significantly reduce the time that it would take for you to compile these reports. The platform has several visual templates that you can use. The final reports combine data from all your PPC programs.

18. MarinOne Search

MarinOne Search is a PPC bid management software solution with pricing from $499/month. This software works with all the major search engines and social media with a PPC program. The platform reportedly uses machine learning and AI to augment PPC budgeting and bid calculation.

19. Kenshoo

Kenshoo lets you decide the best PPC budget and make adjustments in the course of the campaigns based on your set rules. The program works with Google ads, Bing ads, and Facebook ads. The PPC budget analytics are displayed as comprehensive reports in dashboards for revenue, conversion, budget, and ROI.

20. Acquisio Turing

Acquisio helps in PPC budget management. The software uses specialized algorithms that can analyze and adjust your bids and budget allocation on a 24/ basis. There is no standard pricing for Acquisio, interested customers can request for individual quotes. The platform can be integrated with your Google ads account, Bing, Facebook, and others that have a PPC program. Acquisio may be handiest for marketers who deal with multiple accounts and target cost efficiency in their campaigns.

There are countless PPC planning and optimizing tools that you can use for your ads. At SparrowBoost, we can save your time and money with our tried and tested PPC management technology and techniques. Contact us for a free proposal.

20 PPC Tools For Campaigns


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