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Daniel Wade


August 30, 2022

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Digital marketing is changing, and analytics sit at the forefront. The best digital marketing analytics tools can help you improve your bottom line.

Market analytics tools are extremely necessary for any company looking to drive their marketing initiatives forward and looking to create more value from the digital world. Without a good tool, your digital marketing initiatives can fall flat on their face and lead to diminishing returns.

The best digital marketing analytics tools include Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Heap Analytics, Adwords Performance Grader, KissMetrics, Cyfe, Formisimo, Semrush and BuzzSumo. All of these tools help improve your overall digital presence and give you solid analytics for the future.

Our description of the digital marketing analytics tools includes a detailed introduction of how these tools matter and how they can improve your digital services. These tools include free versions, including some paid ones, which provide premium bang for your buck. The tools help your employees become more productive and your marketing methods more action-oriented.

A typical marketing analytics tool should help drive your marketing effort and maximize effectiveness. The tools we have highlighted and compiled here through extensive research and effort do just that. We have personally worked on these tools before and have compiled the list to give you a good blend of reliable services you can trust in the long run.


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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the single most reliable tool available online for tracking the traffic on your website and for understanding where it comes from. Google Analytics follows a wide variety of marketing functions to track page views, analyze user behavior and give you reliable metrics you can follow in the long run.

Google Analytics is operated by Google itself, which adds to the tool’s reliability as a genuine means to drive your search engine optimization measures forward and drive more traffic to your digital website. The tool can help analyze customer behavior while on your website to give you an indication of what you are doing wrong and what can be done to propel customers towards action.

Google Analytics also helps you link up with ad platforms so that you can drive page revenue and generate a sizable amount in the long run. The tool can help measure your analytics by measuring views on the page, tracking the behavior of users, understanding the different demographics of your visitors and giving you raw data for future analysis and information.

The tool is perfect for marketers looking to generate traffic through dedicated marketing efforts. The subscription plan for Google Analytics includes a minimal payment, which will give you access to all the data you require and help you improve your company’s digital footprint.


Mixpanel is the latest digital marketing analytics tool in the market and can help you keep tabs on the events in your site and application.

It allows you to supervise all user actions on the websites, along with the order they followed for their actions. From sharing on social media to procuring products, the tool helps you drive your digital marketing analytics forward and gives you a better ROI than other tools have.

Mixpanel provides all organizations a simple way to keep tabs on user behavior on their website and other digital solutions.

The tool integrates all analytics within your application or website and can give you sold statistics and figures on key metrics, along with insights on users that used certain features first before buying something.

Mixpanel allows data marketers a chance to stay ahead of the competition and develop actionable insights that can stay constant in the long run.

Although Mixpanel was designed to be used by professionals in the marketing departments, the functionality of the website is more product-oriented than it is market-oriented. Marketing departments can easily get a hang of the service to increase the efficiency in their funnels and to identify the specific consumer behavior that attracts consumers to you.

Mixpanel comes with multiple pricing plans, with each pricing plan carrying its own utility and premium services. You can get basic features in the basic plan, and should upgrade if you want to see or experience more.

Heap Analytics

The marketing analytics tool by Heap Analytics is one of the most simple analytics tools on the internet. The tool is quite similar to Mixpanel and has plenty of noticeable similarities. For starters, the tool by Heap Panel will trace all activities done by your customers online. The tool will then allow all users to select the occurrence they want to study independently and then take a decision on it.

Heap Analytics can also be used to categorize individual visitors based on the behavior they display while on your online platform. All individuals are categorized together based on their behavior.

The Heap Analytics tool can also come in handy to generate actual sales funnels and has an interface which is pretty much the same as the interface for MixPanel.

The only downside of Heap as an analytics tool is that it doesn’t manage online apps on Android as of yet. The solution can cover websites and iOS applications, but does not provide feasibility for android apps.

Heap Analytics is our recommended choice for digital marketers wanting to know more about their ecommerce trends, website activity, merchandise popularity, conversions and iOS app behavior. The platform comes with a free plan, which provides basic features to all users.

Heap also comes with a paid plan, which is fairly different to the basic plan. The paid plan is easy to use and can give actionable insights to users.


All digital marketers would agree that measuring success through digital marketing tools and analytics solutions online is absolutely necessary for growth as a business. KissMetrics is the tool to opt for if you are looking to grow your digital marketing measures and want to measure progress as well.

KissMetrics comes with a unique cutting-edge technique, which introduces tweaking through cognitive analytics. Cognitive analytics help you understand mental responses to different features present within your website and your product.

The mental cognitive analytics tool by KissMetrics can help delve deep into how customers react online to different features online on your website and can give you a fairly reasonable explanation of what is required.

Once you understand the cognitive behavior of most customers and visitors on your website, you can improve their experience by enhancing the factors they interact with more.

KissMetrics can give you an idea of features and components that your visitors tend to interact with more. The platform can also give you analytics on conversion rates and where you can help build more conversions on your website.

The platform allows you to create more adjustments by tweaking different components in your website, including the size of the text and the colors used in the branding message. You can also use KissMetrics to run A/B tests and determine which solution is better.

KissMetrics is a unique solution for digital marketers, which can extensively be used in the long run. KissMetrics is best suited for marketers looking to develop a platform that can properly cater to the needs of all employees.

Marketers can leverage the digital marketing tool by KissMetrics to boost consumer engagement, increase conversions and improve the general success of your marketing measures.


BuzzSumo is a growing content analytics platform that helps improve your bottomline and gives you clear directions for growth in the digital world. Content is king on social media and the internet, and BuzzSumo is the digital analytics tool you need to make sure that your content looks like an actual king.

The analytics tool by BuzzSumo can help study the impact your content has on the internet and can give you actionable insights that can help you understand the social impact your content can have on target audiences.

Marketers and social media platforms can use BuzzSumo to find out exactly where their marketing measures are falling short and what can be done to mend those measures and improve the bottomline.

BuzzSumo heavily tracks trends on social media and gives you a unique dashboard that helps you identify all the trends making rounds on social media.

Working on BuzzSumo allows you to study marketing trends and content from the last few months. The complex genre filters, the keyword processors, the affiliate tools and statistics make BuzzSumo a true success in the industry.

While almost all marketers can benefit from a digital revamp of their content online, BuzzSumo is typically meant for content managers, social media developers, bloggers, and content writers.

The tool can help create actual value from the content on your website and social media and can give you an opportunity to improve the action your content has on user preferences.


Semrush is the first name that comes to mind when you think of a well-rounded solution for digital marketing. The website provides SEO and SEM tools along with helpful information on PPC and all forms of paid marketing in its blog.

The platform also has a number of digital marketing analytics and tools that can help you see how your competitors are performing online and how you compare to them.

The world of social media marketing is ever-changing, which is why it is necessary that brands keep an eye on their competition and find ways to move forward. Semrush acts as a conduit for this research, as it gives you the tools you need to study your competition.

SEMrush also gives you some exciting keywords to rank well on search engines and get the results you require. SEMrush has been around for some time now and was initially made for digital marketers looking to improve their results from SEO and SEM measures.

SEMrush provides a simple solution that helps you fast-track your results and get the actionable insights you require to study competitors.

SEO is one of the most popular categories on SEMrush, which is why the platform now offers a free version of the same on its platform.

The free version can help you analyze results from over 5,000 keywords and find out which ones are performing well and which ones you can use in your marketing measures. There is also an upgraded premium plan, which comes at different rates for individual users and businesses.


Converting users through online forms is the go-to option for many digital marketing firms and agencies online. Leads are converted through online forms, where all information related to them is gathered in one place.

Formisimo is the digital marketing tool that helps you find out just why clients aren’t converting and what you can do to improve client conversions in the long run.

Formisimo also uses a web analytics tool known as the w3box for additional insights. In short, Formisimo focuses on all the important details of conversion and helps businesses find out why they cannot convert leads into customers and what they can do to improve current measures.

The w3box tool can help businesses improve conversion rates and focus on metrics related to search engine optimization and marketing.

Formisimo is known by a number of reputable companies on the internet and is a coming of age analytical solution. Companies such as AirBnB and Toyota use the tool to drive conversion rates. The tool comes with a start-up basic plan and an Agency bundle, which includes all the features.


HubSpot is one of the most popular digital marketing analytics tools around today and can be used just as effectively for inbound marketing as well. HubSpot puts the spotlight on content marketing, just like BuzzSumo does and prioritizes content as the king on social media.

HubSpot is full of insights and useful data analytics, which is why we believe every marketer needs it to drive their digital plans forward. The tool can also be used by isolated and independent content marketers looking to drive the efficiency of their content up.


Incorporating all your marketing analytics and resources in one dashboard can be a good way to drive results and improve the marketing bottomline. Klipfolio is an interactive analytics solution, which gives all organizations a dynamic and interactive way of tracking their digital marketing performance.

Klipfolio can give you insights into data from all over your digital endeavors. Companies can use this solution to see all of their digital pursuits mentioned in one interactive dashboard.

The best part about Klipfolio is that it pulls data from different platforms, including social media and Google Analytics and gives it all to you in one unified dashboard. Users have the unique ability to customize their dashboards based on what they require.

Klipfolio can help make digital marketing analysis easier for organizations, as it creates one simple channel that users can follow. The platform gives you the ability to customize the dashboard and is available at a minimal rate for a beginner plan. The expert ‘enterprise’ plan will, however, cost you a lot more per month.

Metrics are absolutely necessary to succeed in the digital world, and the best digital marketing analytics tools help you prioritize that. Your choice of the best marketing analytics tool would be based on the kind of audience you service and your plans for the future.

Best Digital Marketing Analytics Tools


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