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February 1, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Social media management apps let you manage multiple platforms and posts with ease.
  • Advertising and marketing apps help you sell effectively to your audience.
  • Content creation and development apps let you create exciting and engaging content.
  • SEO and analytics apps show you how your content is performing across the web.
  • Productivity apps help keep you and your team on track as you work on your content.

There are a plethora of apps available to support your digital marketing efforts, and each of them specializes in something different. But which one is best?

We’ll look at several different types of the best digital marketing apps, including the best of each category:

  • Social media management, like Buffer
  • Advertising and marketing, like Meta Business Suite
  • Content creation, like Grammarly
  • SEO and analytics, like Ahrefs
  • Productivity, like Asana

We’ll look at each class of the best digital marketing apps, and look at the best options that can support your marketing efforts. Pricing for each app we review is for the app only, and does not include any in-app purchases such as ad placement or premium content or templates.


Table of contents

Best Social Media Management Apps

Digital marketing apps for social media can help you do more efficient marketing with your posts.


Buffer is the perfect digital marketing tool for scheduling posts on multiple social media accounts at once. You can manage pages across services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn, letting you post the right content on the right platform for the right audience.

The Buffer app is perfect for users who want instant access to all of their personal and business pages, and who want to know how each one is performing with their respective audiences.

Buffer has a free subscription for smaller digital marketers, and paid plans that begin at $5 per month.


Hootsuite is another popular social media scheduling app that allows you to publish posts on multiple pages and channels. It is more expensive than Buffer, but you get more robust planning functionality, including bulk scheduling.

You can also review your ad purchases and how they’re performing in conjunction with your organic audience.

Hootsuite paid subscription plans begin at $99 per month, including a 30-day free trial period.


Later originally started as a scheduling app solely for Instagram. Now, they offer full-suite social media scheduling services for apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok. One of its best features is the media management section, letting you keep track of all your photos and videos.

One unique tool is their Linkin.Bio tool, which can direct users to your chosen pages from one central location.

Later subscriptions start at $18 per month, with discounts for annual payments.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management tool that focuses on engagement. In addition to scheduling services across platforms, you can easily and effectively connect with your audience.

See messages from your platforms and respond with ease, and see how your content aligns with current trends. If you’re running a business, you can also create links so your employees can easily share your content and act as brand ambassadors.

Sprout Social is a paid service that starts at $249 per month.

Best Advertising and Marketing Apps

Supplement your digital marketing strategy with a paid marketing campaign, and track your ad spend with tools like these.

Meta Business Suite

Previously known as separate tools like Facebook Pages Manager and Facebook Ads Manager, the Meta Business Suite allows you to manage your entire presence on Facebook. While it is limited to this platform alone, it provides a user-friendly interface for managing all of your content, private messages, and activities.

You can also check your ad performance and adjust your ad buys on the fly. Meta Business Suite manages ads for both Facebook and Instagram.

Meta Business Suite is free for all Facebook users.

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the largest and most well-known online advertising platforms available. The app lets you capitalize on pay-per-click ads on search engines, websites, social media channels, and videos.

You can easily set a budget for your ad buys, and change what keywords or audience segments you want to focus on as needed.

Google Ads is free for all users.


Influencers who want to make the right connections with other content online should look into REP. This service can help you collaborate to build brand awareness for yourself and the brands you partner with.

The REP app is free for all users.

Best Content Creation Apps

These top digital marketing apps help you create content in written form, build visual content, shoot and edits videos, design print marketing collateral, and more.


Grammarly is one of the most valuable content writing tools out there to help you develop powerful written content. It assists with grammar and misspelled words, and can even help with your writing style. What’s more, this service can connect with your email marketing and social media platforms to check everything you write online.

Grammarly also has built-in plagiarism checkers, and tools that help you write proper citations for academic and research content.

Grammarly is free for all users.


Biteable is perfect for content creators who are focused on video. It offers customizable templates and themes, stock footage, image libraries, and additional templates to help you build your brand presence.

You can also build clear calls to action and brand identity across your videos. Once published, Biteable will also track your video’s analytics and let you manage video work with your team.

Biteable subscriptions are billed annually, starting at $49 per month.


Animoto is another popular video creation tool that creates simple videos, slideshows, and other multimedia presentations. This app is perfect for individual users who have small-scale needs, on up to advanced users who want to control their entire video branding.

Animoto offers a free plan, as well as paid plans starting at $8 per month.


Canva is an online design tool with a simple image editor to help you create graphics with ease. It is an excellent alternative for those who do not want to purchase more expensive products like Adobe Photoshop.

You can create custom graphics, presentations, ad campaigns, and print materials all from one simple platform. They have templates for a wide range of products like business cards, banners, online graphics, logos, and more.

Canva is available for free, with paid plans starting at $119 per month.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is another app that integrates with your desktop to provide writing assistance. It highlights potential writing improvements like word usage, sentence tense and voice, and even the headers and lists that help keep your content structured.

Hemingway Editor is free for all users.

Best SEO and Analytics Apps

Digital marketing apps can also help with your search engine optimization, keyword research, and insights into your target audience.


Ahrefs is a powerful suite of tools that can help you effectively manage your online presence. It boasts a powerful dashboard that gives statistics on your content’s SEO and keyword performance, and tracks how you rank against similar websites. Advanced users can take a deeper dive into link management tools and integration with Google products.

Ahrefs tools are available for paid users starting at $99 per month.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful website analytics tools available. You can gain deep insights about how your website and social media platforms are reaching your intended audience, and see what content performs best with your users.

The Google Analytics app is a great introductory tool for those who do not yet have a strong advertising presence on the web, or for those who just want to focus on growing their website traffic.

Google Analytics is free for all users.

Google Trends

Another useful digital marketing tool in the Google suite, Google Trends works in tandem with your SEO efforts. You can gain instant insights into what content or topics are currently trending, and measure how your content performs against competitors.

Google Trends is free for all users.


Semrush is another excellent tool for those who want to harness the power of SEO for their online presence. Work with tools that can boost your SEO rankings, keyword marketing, link tracking, paid advertising, and social media management - all in one place.

It also has other tools that can integrate with Amazon services, and can even target local traffic with your SEO if you want to focus on your geographic area.

Semrush paid subscription plans start at $120 per month.

Keywords Everywhere

If you want to zero in on your keyword performance as an element of SEO, Keywords Everywhere is perfect.

It offers plenty of data about relevant keywords, including suggestions to boost your content marketing. You can see what the average cost-per-click is across the web, and see how your competitors are using similar keywords to drive their traffic - including historical trends to show performance over time.

Keywords Everywhere is not a subscription model, but allows you to purchase credits for each keyword you search for. Sales packages start at $10.


Mention is a unique digital marketing tool that crawls the Internet to show how your audience is interacting with your brand. You can monitor key topics, and set up alerts so you know when you post something about a desired topic.

This is an excellent tool for those looking to gain deeper insights into how their social media presence is performing, and get the edge over the competition.

Mention is available as a paid service, with plans starting at $41 per month.


Optimizely is an excellent tool for advanced users who want to get the very best SEO performance with their audience.

In addition to content marketing and management, you can run A/B testing and experiment with other features and content on your site to see what performs best. These insights are incredibly valuable as you strive to reach the top of search results and drive the most actions for your content.

Optimizely offers customized pricing based on the tools you purchase, although some tools are available for free.


BuzzSumo is great for digital marketers who want to align their content with current trends.

You can easily search for what is performing well at any given time, and see how other influencers are reaching their audiences. You can also use powerful keyword generation tools, and see analytics and results from your websites and social media.

BuzzSumo has a limited free service, and paid plans begin at $99 per month.

Best Productivity Apps

Sometimes, digital marketing apps are useful for when you need help to manage projects and people.


Asana is a popular project management tool for teams who want to effectively manage their workflow, assignments, and scheduling.

You can set up team calendars and task assignments to keep everyone on track, and help visualize workflows to organize the work. You can manage changes and updates with user-friendly request forms, automate frequent tasks to save time, and see reports on your team’s performance.

Asana has a free plan for smaller teams, and premium plans starting at $11 per month.


ClickUp is another project management tool that seamlessly integrates multiple tools into one. It even offers specialized setups of its service for different types of businesses, including engineering, design, marketing, and more.

You can run your team chat and document storage through this service, and integrate other apps so everything is in one central location.

ClickUp has a free plan for individual users, and paid plans begin at an affordable $5 per month.

Google Drive

Just because it’s an easy choice doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable. Google Drive is a free suite of tools that can expand to enterprise levels for those who want to manage a larger organization.

Google Drive can integrate calendars, document storage and creation, and dozens of other tools through a single web-based platform. Each service will have its own app (like Drive, Docs, Slides, and Sheets) for mobile users as well.

Google Drive is free for most users, with business plans starting at $12 per month.


Plai help you integrate all of your online analytics platforms into one place. It can pull data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, and YouTube to show you how your content is trending, as well as how you can optimize ad buys and SEO.

It may not doing anything different from each individual tool, but the seamless integration is perfect for individuals or teams who want to save time and hassle in managing their online activities.

Plai is a paid subscription, starting at $27 per month.


Slack is an excellent team communication tool for teams that aren’t satisfied with emails flying back and forth.

Work with one-on-one or team conversations, and use basic project management tools like scheduling and workflows. Slack also integrates easily with other services, making it a great supplement to any other tools you are currently using.

Slack is a paid subscription service, starting at $7.25 per month.


If you’re in digital marketing, you probably have lots of pages and services that you subscribe to. That means each one has its own username and password to keep track of.

Nordpass helps cut through the clutter by storing all of your passwords in one secure location. You can generate strong, secure passwords for each of your sites, as well as manage other personal and financial information.

Nordpass offers a free account for a basic subscription, and advanced plans begin at an affordable $1.49 per month.

Best Digital Marketing Apps


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