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Daniel Wade


July 28, 2022

Landing pages have only one job: to convert or collect leads. With the right landing page builder, building a landing page is a simple, straightforward process.

Landing page builders can be found in site builders like Wix and Weebly, which have excellent free plans, or they can exist as dedicated tools such as Unbounce and SITE123, which offer more advanced analytics and integrations. All these make for excellent choices for the average marketer.

This is a powerful guide for ten of the best landing page builders available. By the end of it, you will be in a position to know which landing page to use, depending on your marketing needs and business size.

My findings come from using the majority of landing page builders listed in here to build the exact same page, which allowed me to see where each of them excels and where they fall short. Without further delay, here are ten of the best landing pages to use in 2021 and beyond.


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Wix doesn’t need much introduction; it’s already the go-to website builder for many marketers.

And while its claim to fame is its ability to build professional websites quickly, it also happens to be an excellent landing page builder.

Wix equips you with 30+free landing page templates that are professionally designed. It’s unlikely that you won’t find the layout and features you need here.

Creating and editing with Wix is something you’ll certainly enjoy, courtesy of its intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

Whether you need to customize the layout, fonts, or colors, the process is the same, so it’s quite easy to make your landing page designs to be exactly what you envision.

Wix’s templates fall into two categories: “Coming Soon” and “Promotional” landing pages. These can be modified to serve many purposes.

You can use the Coming Soon templates to announce an upcoming website, or online store, whereas the Promotional templates fit just about every other need, from market launches to product promotion.

Wix provides in-built social media and email marketing tools, which is a big reason to use it as your primary landing page builder if you want to centralize your campaigns.

As a website builder, it is well-equipped to create more than just landing pages. Wix even has an in-built social media video maker—the Wix Video Maker—that lets you use videos to entice your audience into visiting your landing page.

It’s also easy to connect your social media accounts within the Wix platform. That allows you to go from design to launch seamlessly and direct traffic from social to your landing pages.

Wix is also widely compatible with all the major marketing tools, including HubSpot, MailChimp, Facebook, and Google Ads (and Analytics as well).

The best part? All analytics and integrations are accessible in the free plan. The caveat is that your landing pages will be stuck with a sub-domain, which doesn’t look professional.

Can You Build A Professional Landing Page Without A Paid Plan?

Yes. Wix’s free plan is enough if all you need are landing pages. You don’t have to upgrade to a paid plan because all the features and templates are available on the free plan.

That being said, your landing pages will fall on a Wix subdomain if you use the free plan. They’ll still retain all the professional functionality, though.

When Should You Upgrade?

If you’re using Wix for the landing pages alone, then you’ll only need to upgrade to get off the Wix subdomain. Sub-domains aren’t very professional-looking and can affect the impact of your landing page.

What Is The Cheapest Paid Plan Available?

At $8.50/month, Wix’s cheapest paid plan is well worth the cost if you’re looking to build professional landing pages and have unlimited customization options at your disposal.

Why Wix?

Wix gives you a lot more additional value on the free plan than you’ll get anywhere else. Your campaigns stand to benefit a great deal from the marketing and analytics integrations supported by Wix.

Email marketing is among the best ways to get visitors to your landing pages. With marketing analytics at your disposal, you’ll be able to analyze the performance of your pages and optimize them appropriately.

That’s why Wix claims the top spot as the best free landing page builder.


Weebly’s another website builder with exceptional landing page capabilities. It starts you off with a few landing page templates and access to email marketing tools for free.

Like Wix, Weebly is easy to use, boasting a suite of individual menus for every element on your landing page. That gives you granular control over your designs, and you can get very specific about the style and positioning of fonts, images, buttons, forms, and everything else on your landing page.

It’s a little tough to get everything aligned, so the landing page builder is not entirely perfect. But it gets the job done, and more importantly, it allows you to use the trial version of Weebly Promote, its email marketing platform.

You can send a maximum of two emails to five hundred recipients and view all their stats, granting you insight into their performance. For smaller campaigns, that’s not bad at all, especially since it’s all for free.

However, you’re not going to find any sort of advanced landing page analytics or connect with social media on this free plan. In other words, this landing page builder is best utilized for small marketing campaigns that target 500 people or less.

Can You Build A Professional Landing Page Without A Paid Plan?

Yes, but the lack of in-depth analytics makes it unsuitable for tracking their performance. On the upside, it is a platform that allows you to fine-tune your designs endlessly, thanks to the customization menu that every page element has.

When Should You Upgrade?

When you need to run a large campaign, and when you start tracking performance in earnest. The free plan is good, but there is no room to scale your campaigns, and the email marketer still feels too limited for anything but a completely new startup.

What Is The Cheapest Paid Plan Available?

Weebly’s cheapest paid plan costs $6/month, and it opens access to analytics, a robust email marketing platform, and more.

Why Weebly?

This website builder makes an excellent free landing page builder with granular customization abilities and an interface that’s easy to use. Access to email marketing is a huge plus as it allows you to promote your landing pages to up to 500 customers at no cost.

The lack of analytics is not easy to ignore, especially since performance tracking is paramount to campaign optimization. Nevertheless, Weebly is a decent option for building good-looking landing pages and even directing traffic to them, for free.


SITE123 is the first dedicated landing page builder on our list. It’s a straightforward builder which specializes in single-page websites that serve as excellent landing pages for a wide range of purposes.

It features an easy-to-use editor that will make you feel like a pro, even if it’s your first time building a landing page. Creating new landing pages is a process that takes very little time, and you can go from editing to publishing in a matter of minutes.

Its simplicity notwithstanding, it has an impressive array of customization options that puts it at par with options like Wix. It also adds some very useful elements to your landing pages—most notably, jump links.

Jump links allow visitors to move quickly to different sections in the page. This makes scrolling through long clusters of text optional, making page navigation easier and allowing you to have very long landing pages without affecting user experience.

Other customizations like font styles and colors can also be applied to your pages, although the selection here is far more limited. However, nothing limits your ability to place buttons, forms, and other conversion elements all over your landing page.

You also have access to pre-made content blocks that you can quickly add to your page. Buttons and forms can be modified quite thoroughly as well, so there’s a great deal of useful customization features to optimize your page elements should you wish to.

SITE123 is a decent enough free landing page builder. You get tons of contact form templates, jump links that can be added anywhere, and as many customization options as you will find on far more advanced builders.

All this comes with the free plan. Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t include support for third-party integrations, access to the platform’s App Market, or page analytics. The form templates are also fixed and cannot be customized with elements like drop-down fields.

Still, SITE123 is a solid option if you’re looking to build quality landing pages for free. Bloggers and marketers can leverage its decent suite of landing page features to run small and really basic marketing campaigns.

Can You Build A Professional Landing Page Without A Paid Plan?

Yes, but at a steep cost—the lack of page analytics. Sure, the pages look great and are highly navigable thanks to jump links, but how will you know what works without analytics to gauge their performance?

When Should You Upgrade?

When you need the added functionality of third-party integrations and in-depth page analytics. Credit to its excellent builder and straightforward usability, but other than that, the free plan does not exactly cover all the bases.

What Is The Cheapest Paid Plan Available?

To unlock more features, you’ll have to part with at least $12.80/month, which is how much the cheapest paid plan costs. It can be a worthy pursuit if you’re in dire need of analytics and integrations.

Why SITE123?

Honestly speaking, jump links are all the reasons you need to get this free landing page builder. We know that landing pages need to be easy to navigate, so we keep them short.

But with SITE123, you can make your pages as lengthy as you need them to be and add jump links so that visitors don’t have to scroll too much.


In the spirit of transparency, I’m obligated to point out that Unbounce doesn’t have a free plan per se. What it offers is a free trial, which is a much more different model.

Nevertheless, it’s impossible not to include this dedicated landing page builder in this list as it’s one of the best in the business. The platform’s design is intimidating at first glance owing to the tons of customization fields and options it lays out.

Its intimidating first impression is a prelude to very detailed customization—you get comfortable quickly once you realize how straightforward everything is. Unbounce has so many customization options that you can get it to match your brand, no matter how unique it is.

It also equips you with several landing page templates that you can customize further. These templates are customized according to the landing page goal—lead generation, product promotion, e-commerce, etc.—and even though you get a ton of them out of the box, you can get even more of them from ThemeForest.

One thing that I like about Unbounce is that it lets you preview templates as you browse through them. Since they’re all in the same window, it makes it easier to make side-by-side comparisons.

There’s also a single, pre-filled landing page template that’s just a collection of tips to help you build a high-converting landing page. You can use it to learn about building landing pages since it guides you through the entire process with its bite-sized hints.

The next exciting thing about Unbounce is its functionality, specifically that it offers A/B testing, tracking, and third-party integrations for your landing pages. What’s more, it offers some interesting personalization capabilities.

For instance, you can activate dynamic text replacement to create landing pages with content that varies based on the visitor’s exact search terms. You can also task the AI-based “Smart Traffic” tool it comes equipped with to serve different variants of the same page to different visitors depending on how likely they are to convert.

As far as dedicated landing page builders go, Unbounce is properly professional, a formidable tool for creating, tracking, segmenting, and targeting.

Can You Build A Professional Landing Page Without A Paid Plan?

Yes, but it’s wise to remember that Unbounce doesn’t have a free version. Its free trial lasts for 14 days, after which you have to upgrade to a paid plan to keep using it.

When Should You Upgrade?

After the 14-day trial period ends. Upgrading will give you access to all the features in the trial version, including tracking and targeting segments of your audience with optimized offers.

What Is The Cheapest Paid Plan Available?

Unbounce is a fully professional landing page builder, so it’s not really surprising that its cheapest plan goes for $79.00/month. Pricey, yes, but full of value when it comes to building and optimizing landing pages.

Why Unbounce?

It’s a high-quality landing page builder with tons of customization, plenty of templates, and of course, some nifty features like Smart Traffic and dynamic text, which will improve your ability to target visitors.

It’s not free, but the 14-day free trial gives you enough of a window to explore its numerous features and understand its value as a professional landing page builder.


Leadpages is the simplest dedicated landing page builder you’ll find anywhere, and that says a lot about it. In the same vein as dedicated page builders like Unbounce, Leadpages is chock full of features, including support for tons of integrations.

Looking at its editor, it's easy to see why the builder is so simple to use. It provides pre-designed sections of content that you can arrange in your preferred order to create the landing page you need.

You can further customize your creation, or if you wish to, you can build on one of the provided conversion rate-optimized landing pages. No matter how simple or complex your designs are, these templates ensure that the final outcome is pleasing enough to inspire conversions.

Moving away from the editor, Leadpages is incredibly dedicated to the optimization of landing pages, and that means it equips you with everything you need to improve your designs. That includes some in-depth analytics and A/B split testing capabilities.

You can track and test out variations of your landing page without third-party integrations, but should the need for advanced functionality arise, Leadpages has all the integration support you’ll ever need. It supports integrations for analytics, email marketing, post schedulers, external campaign managers, and much more.

Leadpages also give you a unique and quite useful feature—lead magnets. Lead magnets can be used to attach links and files to your landing page so that when a visitor takes action like completing a sign-up form, they immediately access the offer.

The platform sounds almost perfect, but it does suffer from a seemingly permanent stutter. It takes ages to load at times, whether you’re logging in, saving changes, or updating your landing page.

It’s more of an annoyance than anything, but it’s disappointing that it doesn’t match the speed of the other landing pages on our list.

Can You Build A Professional Landing Page Without A Paid Plan?

Yes, but like Unbounce, there’s no free version, only a 14-day trial. You can’t use this as a free landing page builder for longer than two weeks unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

When Should You Upgrade?

Ideally, after the trial period is over. Leadpages is an excellent solution, but it lacks a freemium version, so you’ll have to invest in a paid plan to keep using it.

What Is The Cheapest Paid Plan Available?

The starting price of a premium plan is $37.00/month. Again, this is indicative of its role as a dedicated landing page builder with tons of customization, integration, and analytics features.

Why Leadpages?

Aside from the generous integration support and top-tier analytics, the other reason to use Leadpages is for the lead magnets. Lead magnets take your visitors from your landing page to your offer, so they get rewarded immediately after taking appropriate action.


Because it’s a dedicated landing page builder, Landigi comes with numerous customization options, excellent integration support, advanced analytics, and A/B split testing. However, that also means that there’s no freemium version, so to build a landing page for free using this option, you’ll have to opt into the free trial.

Even so, there’s tons of value to be had when using Landigi. Finding the exact layout is made easier by the platform’s categorization of landing page templates according to industry and marketing goals. You’ll find it easier to narrow down your selection to options that will yield the highest conversions.

Landigi also has a collection of customizable form templates that you can add onto your landing pages. These include a separate tab for creating and customizing a thank you page that appears after your visitors complete and submit forms.

The analytics offered by Landigi are unfortunately subpar—at least compared to what you get from similar dedicated landing page builders. It's more akin to the type of analytics you get from website builders.

Nevertheless, this isn’t exactly a problem since you can extend the platform’s analytical capabilities using third-party integrations.

With the free trial, you’re limited to just 200-page visits. Therefore, this option is only suitable for the smallest of marketing campaigns.

Can You Build A Professional Landing Page Without A Paid Plan?

Yes, Landigi equips you with all the customization, integrations, and analytics you need to build a proper landing page for free. But, again, that’s only for a limited period of time, and if you intend to use it for longer than two weeks, then you’ll have to upgrade.

When Should You Upgrade?

After the trial period, if you wish to continue using Landigi. The 14-day trial period only serves to showcase its abilities to interested marketers.

What Is The Cheapest Paid Plan Available?

You can get Landigi for $29.00/month if you wish to use its full suite of landing page customization features. You’ll also appreciate the integration support and the numerous customizable form templates it puts at your disposal.

Why Landigi?

You won’t get this many form templates anywhere else, so if you’re interested in having lots of customizable forms on your landing pages, then Landigi is your best bet.

Marketers and bloggers should use this option for lead generation as it excels when it comes to collecting customer information.


Instapage has one of the biggest collections of landing page templates. They are categorized by use case, and the platform lists several use cases, including demo requests, app download, and product launch.

Every template is already fully optimized for conversions, so it’s not hard to find an effective landing page for specific use cases. All templates can be further customized using drag-and-drop content block templates, which are also filed under dozens of categories.

A noteworthy feature of this platform is its ability to publish pages through your preferred domains, be it WordPress, Drupal, or a custom domain. You also have a fourth option: to publish directly to a sub-domain for testing purposes.

It is also worth mentioning that Instapage lets you add multi-step forms to your landing pages. This allows you to collect more information than just names and email addresses.

The only significant qualm I have about this platform, and this is something I’ve noticed in reviews as well, is customer support. Issues take several hours or even days to be resolved, even when they seem minor and solvable.

Nevertheless, Instapage still deserves all the credit because it’s a great landing page builder with exceptional features. Customer support can be improved, but the core services are a-okay.

Can You Build A Professional Landing Page Without A Paid Plan?

Yes, and Instapage gives you a ton of templates to use. Combined with the customizable content blocks, these templates can be turned into high-converting landing pages for a wide range of use cases.

When Should You Upgrade?

After the trial period, or when you need to create high-converting landing pages that can be posted via your domain of choice. It is also worth the upgrade because it allows you to use multi-step forms on your landing pages.

What Is The Cheapest Paid Plan Available?

Instapage’s cheapest paid plan costs $68.00/month. A hefty price for smaller budgets, no doubt, but with such intricate functionality, this can be a worthy investment that pays off in the long run.

Why Instapage?

There’s a high degree of customization afforded by the numerous page and content block templates available on this platform. You also stand to benefit from multi-step forms, which allow you to collect more information from each customer.

Instapage is easily the best option for anyone looking to publish landing pages through WordPress or a custom domain.


You might already be using Sendinblue as your marketing platform of choice, which means you’re aware of its great landing page capabilities. Sendinblue is a robust landing page builder that allows you to distribute your landing pages via email, SMS, and live chat.

The marketer does offer a free plan, but that’s only for email marketing. To access the landing page builder, you must upgrade to a paid plan.

On to its features, its landing page templates are categorized by page goal and stored in its expansive library. As the marketing tool, Sendinblue equips users with automation, audience segmentation, and personalization.

Is It A Good Choice For Building Landing Pages?

Yes, but only if you’re already on one of its paid plans. It doesn’t offer a free plan or even a free trial for its landing page builder.

Why Should You Use Sendinblue?

Mostly for the extra marketing functionality. With it, you get seamless integrations, tons of customization, and of course, the option to send your landing pages via SMS and chat, which isn’t an option offered by any other builder in our list.


GetResponse is another multifaceted marketer that’s capable of building pretty decent landing pages. The builder features a drag-and-drop editor and is equipped with several mobile-responsive themes.

Unlike Sendinblue, GetResponse is available for a 30-day free trial, which is enough time to build and launch numerous professional landing pages for free. It also features an image editor and several stock images from Shutterstock, as well as GIFs from Giphy.

GetResponse integrates readily with e-commerce products and services from companies like BigCommerce and Etsy. What’s more, it supplies a conversion funnel builder that you can use to optimize your marketing strategy.

Is GetResponse A Better Landing Page Builder than Sendinblue?

Yes, but only because you can use it for free for up to a month. In terms of features, you’re not lacking much if you choose either one. They are both great marketing platforms with highly customizable landing page templates, testing tools, and high-end analytics.


Squarespace is the perfect landing page builder for creatives and businesses in the hospitality industry (restaurants especially). As a website builder, it has a reputation for stunning, eye-catching designs, which is why it best suits creative landing page designs.

Its landing page templates are under “Launch” and “Cover,” which makes sense considering that it is not a dedicated single-page website builder. Also, there’s no free plan, but you can take advantage of a 14-day trial period for new users if you want to explore its features.

Squarespace allows you to integrate with all social media platforms and MailChimp, a dedicated email marketer. It also equips you with a built-in email marketer that can be used to send campaigns right from the editor.

It has tons of menu layouts, so you can get as creative as you want; plus, restaurateurs can benefit from integrations with OpenTable and ChowNow, two useful restaurant tools.

Why Should You Use Squarespace To Build Landing Pages?

Because it is, by far, the most creative builder on our list. It allows for stunning designs that are meant to capture attention visually. Also, it is a landing page builder that is especially handy for restaurants as it allows for quick integration with some useful tools.

Best Landing Page Builders


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