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August 30, 2022

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The world of SEO is changing rapidly. There are new updates coming in every year, and you won’t be able to keep up unless you follow the best SEO blogs today.

Search engine optimization has turned into a major sector, with the onus on business leaders and professionals to keep pace and churn out results. Are you trying to find a good SEO blog that can help you keep tabs on the changing industry standards? Do you want a good resource that you can access yourself on the go?

According to our research, the best SEO blogs today include Backlinko, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, The Moz blog, Yoast SEO blog, Neil Patel’s blog, Semrush blog, Ahref’s blog, GotchSEO, Cognitive SEO, Hobo SEO and Searchmetrics. Each offers something slightly different from the other.

Stay with us as we explore the best SEO blogs and list down just how these resources can help you out. These blogs contain important information pertaining to search engine optimization and can help you get a good hang of recent changes.

We conducted hours of research to finally come up with a final list of SEO blogs. We made sure to run through the blogs ourselves to only include options that actually provide utility and help organizations improve their search ratings.


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Backlinko is for anyone looking to take their search engine optimization measures to the next level. Backlinko is the perfect place for all tech enthusiasts looking to develop their understanding of recent SEO strategies and all proven models that have been around for some time now.

The platform not only shares blogs and actionable insights with users but also reproduces a number of case studies, which users can share with each other to improve their knowledge of SEO and the trends followed in the market.

The case studies open the gates to organizations that sat down and focused on SEO strategies, and the way they were able to improve search engine results through their dedication.

The blog is run by Brian Dean and was formed fairly recently in 2012. The website has a Domain Authority rating of 63 out of 100 and has an estimated monthly traffic of 72.3K, all achieved organically. The platform also generates some 1.3M backlinks, which is an achievement of its own.

Backlinko is the one blog that we think you should most definitely follow. The blog is owned and run by Brian Dean, an authority in SEO and is looked up to in the industry.

Users can find informational guidelines on the blog and check out the detailed 30 plus posts, which jump deep into industry information and knowledge.

Search Engine Watch 

Search Engine Watch is among the best platforms for SEO updates in the form of the articles they have on their platform. The blog is fairly old and was launched back in the 1990s by the renowned expert Danny Sullivan.

Users looking to acquire knowledge of the latest SEO trends and improve their knowledge of all that is fun and exciting in the SEO world can turn to Search Engine Watch for exciting results and information. The blog covers all of the best and recent SEO tools in detail and runs through the changes Google has made in their design.

The blog has a domain authority rating of 79 out of 100 and has an estimated monthly traffic of 71.1K. The traffic is achieved through organic means and complemented with a staggering 20.01M backlinks.

The blog was first initiated by SEO expert Sullivan and was later acquired by another organization in 2006. The blog covers all information pertaining to companies on the web and helps increase the traffic you get.

Search Engine Land 

Danny Sullivan is an undisputed king of the SEO world and is known for his expertise in key subject matters. After he left Search Engine Watch in 2006, Sullivan started work on his own project and came up with Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Land wasn’t expected to be a direct competitor of Search Engine Watch, but Sullivan just wanted others to learn from the information and intellect he had.

Search Engine Land is the perfect platform to head to if you want information on the latest happenings in the search engine market, pay-per-click marketing and SEO. The blog is host to almost a million visitors each month and is the preferred choice for people looking to read up on hard facts.

The blog is owned and run by Danny Sullivan and was founded back in 2006. This is one of the best SEO blogs in the market and has a DA rating of 90/100.

Additionally, organic traffic for the month totals close to 712K and the platform has generated almost 33M backlinks. These are crazy stats that prove the reliability of the platform and how it entertains a diverse group of visitors from all forms of digital marketing, including SEO.

The Moz Blog 

If you have studied up a bit on SEO, you would know what the Moz is and how the platform is considered to be an authority in the world of SEO.

The Moz is one of the most successful SEO blogs online and is backed by industry-leading SEO data and stats. The blog is host to a growing community of participators as well, with active industry thought leaders coming together to keep the Moz up and running.

The blog is owned by Sarah Bird and was founded back in 2004. The Moz has a Domain Authority rating of 89 out of 100, comes with estimated monthly traffic of 420K through organic means and has some 22.7M backlinks.

So, if you are referencing a blog for SEO directions, make sure they have their own SEO figured out like the Moz has over here.

The Moz has friendly stuff for almost everyone at every level of SEO expertise. You may find beginner-friendly stuff as well as expert-level guidance for the senior pros.

Yoast SEO Blog 

Those who have been associated with the world of social media plug-ins would know that Yoast SEO is a plug-in that is popularly used on WordPress.

The plug-in is free to use and can help improve the optimization processes required by pages online. The optimization helps improve readability and can increase traffic.

Yoast SEO covers WordPress optimization, SEO, content strategies and online marketing, among other topics to assist SEO marketers.

The blog is owned and run by Joost de Valk and was founded back at the turn of the decade in 2010. The platform has a DA rating of 79 out of 100 and also has estimated monthly traffic of 110K. The platform has a total of 2 million backlinks, which is perfect for a blog of this size.

Yoast covers tons of content related to technical SEO, tutorials around WordPress, Google Analytics and a lot more. Yoast blog is the perfect place to head to if you want to learn more about the world of WordPress and are looking to improve your information about the industry.

Neil Patel Blog 

If you have studied up content marketing, SEO or blogging, you would probably know of Neil Patel and the potential he offers. Neil Patel is a pro in search engine optimization and has plenty of tutorials on his blog.

His informational videos and his successful SEO tutorials help individuals get the hang of what SEO really has to offer to them.

Neil Patel’s blog is the right place to head to if you’re looking to learn more about successful content marketing, blogging and SEO in specific. There are thousands of blog posts on the blog, and you can find some of them exceeding over 10,000 words as well.

Neil Patel also regularly updates tutorials on YouTube, podcasts and a lot more content centered around SEO to give users a better understanding of SEO in a more interactive manner.

As you would have guessed by now, the blog is run by Neil Patel and was founded recently back in 2014. Neil Patel’s blog has a DA rating of 87 out of 100 and has over 410K organic visitors per month. The blog also has over 4 million backlinks, which is staggering, based on how recently the blog started.

Neil Patel ranks among the top few SEO experts in the industry and has extensively covered a wide range of articles in detail. Most of the articles written by Neil Patel are fairly simple for beginners and take a comprehensive approach, which starts from the basics and eventually goes up from there.


Semrush - another SEO tool and resource that you must already know. The platform comes with amazing SEO resources, which can help you make things such as finding keywords and generating lists easier. The platform makes the process of optimizing pages easier and gives users insight into how it is all done.

Semrush has an amazing blog you can follow, but what we like most is the way it helps digital users improve their marketing measures and get the best rankings and sales from the digital world.

The Semrush blog is owned by Dmitri Melnikov and Oleg Shchegolev. The platform was founded back in 2008 and has a Domain Authority rating of 79/100. The rating is based on the 101K monthly traffic and the 10.2M backlinks it has generated.

Semrush is a popular resource for SEO experts over the globe. The platform makes it easy for global users to build a content strategy and make content marketing, SEM, SEO, social media and PPC easier for all involved.

Ahrefs Blog 

Ahrefs ranks among the top blogs that we will suggest to everyone looking to establish a good understanding of how SEO works. The blog comes with the best techniques for SEO within the market and is further complemented with a full pack of marketing info.

The blog comes packed with information on SEO, blogging, link building and other technicalities related to SEO, which will help you take your blog to an entirely new level.

The author of the blog, Tim Soulo, is the market head at the company and has strong credentials as a thought leader in the industry.

Tim Soulo has reached an amazing number of shares, comments and links from industry experts and is the perfect industry leader to learn from if you are relatively new in the field. The blog can help guide you in the right direction as far as SEO resources and directions you go.

Ahrefs was founded back in 2011 and has a DA rating of 74 out of 100. The blog also comes with estimated monthly traffic of some 135K organic users. The monthly traffic is further complemented with some 1.8 M backlinks, which add to the strength of the blog and give it good SEO ratings on search engines.

Beginners in the SEO industry are extremely fond of Ahrefs as a website for optimizing search engine results. Firstly, the platform helps give users access to some of the best tools they need.

Secondly, it comes with an awesome blog, which has helpful insights on it. You can visit Ahrefs for the latter or the former, and won’t leave disappointed.

The primary focus for Ahrefs is to post simplified tutorials related to SEO. They focus on topics ranging from keyword research to link formation and technical audits. The blog will help you generate positive results and is worth the energy if you want to acquire SEO knowledge as a beginner.


There are not many SEO blogs and toolkits that can match the levels set by GotchSEO. If you want to learn some authentic SEO techniques and take your information of the SEO world up a notch, GotchSEO is the perfect blog to look up to and learn from.

GotchSEO is managed by no other than the successful Nathan Gotch. Gotch has worked in the industry for quite some time now and has helped a number of people increase their traffic and improve their bottom line.

The website also comes with a paid membership plan for users, who can then become part of the Gotch academy and know everything else there is to learn about SEO on the platform and elsewhere.

The platform was founded back in 2013 and comes with some 100k backlinks and a monthly traffic of 10,000 visitors. GotchSEO is managed by a single author and is on our radar as one of the fastest-growing platforms online.

The blog flows written by Nathan Gotch are easy to track and include simple information, which almost everyone can learn something from. This is definitely one of the best SEO blogs to follow for users.

CognitiveSEO Blog 

CognitiveSEO might have had been around for some time now but is still in the process of establishing itself in the market and is catching up with other platforms around us.

The platform comes with cutting-edge tools and SEM techniques, including SEO, which can help you improve your ratings on SERP. Cognitive SEO definitely should be in your bookmarks, as the platform improves on the knowledge industry leaders have acquired to give you insights on a lot of things.

You can start with keyword cannibalization and take your research forward with mobile SEO to derive the full blend of benefits on offer with CognitiveSEO.

The platform has experienced growth during the last few years and is definitely one resource you can utilize in 2022, due to the updates they provide.

The CognitiveSEO blog is run and powered by owner Razvan Gavrilas and is the perfect tool to have in your SEO toolbox. The blog was launched back in 2010 and has a DA of 54 with organic monthly traffic of 27.4K. The traffic is complemented by some 268K backlinks, which is decent for a website of this size.

CognitiveSEO is basically a toolkit, which runs a resource to help users new to search engine optimization out. The best thing about Cognitive SEO is that it comes with creative case studies and information, which can help users out in the long run.

Hobo SEO Blog 

The SEO resource guide by Hobo is one of the best in the market. Hobo is a provider of SEO services, which has increased its reputation during the past few years.

The platform is now preferred by users all over the globe and helps provide a single SEO solution, which keeps users from over the world connected to solutions for success in the SEO world.

The blog is owned by Shaun Anderson and is growing in size and reputation every day. The traffic on the website is at an increase and goes to prove the legitimacy on offer.

The blog was founded back in 2007 and has a domain authority rating of 53/100. The blog has information on affiliate marketing, as well as SEO and SEM.

All new users in the digital marketing industry can join the blog to learn more about SEO for articles, blogs and whitepapers online.


If you are looking to improve your understanding of organic search traffic and are finding ways to understand search engine algorithms and improve search rankings, then Searchmetrics is the perfect blog for you.

The blog comes with detailed instructions that users can follow to learn all there is to know about what the industry has to offer and the recent innovations in it.

Searchmetrics was founded by Marcus Tober in 2005 and has over 1.1M backlinks with a Domain Authority rating of 66 out of 100. The blog can help you come up with search engine optimization strategies that are in line with the trends in the market.

You will definitely need to run through SEO blogs and resources online if you are new to the world of SEO and what it promises. We hope the information in this article is thorough for you and will help you keep track of all that is changing in the industry.

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