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Daniel Wade


January 18, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Browser extension for Google Chrome can greatly aid your website optimization efforts.
  • Understanding the right extension for the job can help you hit the right SEO points.
  • Boosting your keywords and page rankings can improve your site’s visibility in searches.
  • Addressing the metadata and page scripts can make your pages load and perform better.
  • Consider all aspects of SEO before calling it a day!

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As a web and content developer, you depend on the right tools that offer the perfect blend of usability and powerful data that will grow your online presence.

We’ve reviewed the best free and paid SEO Chrome extensions on the market to help you build capacity and organic reach for your website and social media presence. These tools will track important items like keywords, dead links, page speed, and more.

We’ve reviewed the best SEO Chrome extensions available, and give the key features of each to support your content development work.


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Why Are SEO Extensions for Chrome So Important?

A Little About Google Chrome

Most developers are already aware of the power Google Chrome brings to the table. It is the default web browser for all mobile devices running the Android operating system, and has versions available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux.

It is currently the most popular web browser in the world, with 65% of the market share for all users across all devices. It is also the most used browser on tablets and smartphones.

Google has expanded the Chrome brand name to include its own operating system, as well as a host of other personal computing and home devices.

A Little About SEO

SEO (or search engine optimization) refers to the practice of “optimizing” a web page or piece of online content so that it naturally occurs higher on search engine results pages.

This can be accomplished by adding keywords that are easily searched and indexed, adding page and content formatting elements, and ensuring that content is added frequently on your website.

The practice of SEO is different from SEM (search engine marketing) in that it does not involve paid users. SEO focuses solely on organic traffic.

A Little About Chrome Extensions

Browser extensions are small add-ons to a web browser program. They can perform a number of functions related to user content and activity.

Chrome extensions for SEO can help users and developers with adjusting their content for the best possible optimization.

They can check things like keywords on a page, page structure, any dead links that would prevent desired actions, and where the page will rank on search sites.

Where Can I Get Google Chrome Extensions?

You can select and download Google Chrome extensions for SEO through the Google Chrome Extension store.

Best SEO Chrome Extensions

All browser extensions are free to download and install on Google Chrome. However, some may require the purchase of an additional service or subscription in order to function properly.

Each extension we’ve reviewed here has a direct link to let you download it from the Google Chrome Extension Store.

Best All-Around Extensions

These SEO Chrome extensions are the best of the best: they offer a variety of tools ready at your fingertips, with solid performance across most major categories.


SEOquake is a one-stop dashboard for users who want to optimize their websites.

It offers instant access powerful insights for your content, like your Alexa ranking, Google and Bing indexing information, and your rank on SEMrush. It also offers the usual features like keyword rankings and tracking broken links.

SEOquake is free for all users.


MozBar is an all-in-one solution that touches on every facet of SEO in one central location.

The kicker with this extension is the domain authority score, an amalgamation of all tracked data points to quantify the “authority” your site has, which can directly impact search performance.

MozBar is a paid subscription for $99 per month, with a 30-day free trial period.


Serpstat is one of the best options for a holistic look at your website, from top to bottom.

The three-layered audit report run by this extension looks at your displayed SEO content, an analysis of the backend of the page, and goes into the domain itself to analyze for ranking purposes.

Serpstat offers a Lite version for free, then paid tiers begin at $69 per month.

SEO Minion

SEO Minion is a powerful tool that checks all the boxes for optimizing your content within the browser.

Broken links and search results are displayed through SEO Minion in real-time, and keywords in alternate languages are also displayed.

SEO Minion is available for free for all users.


Ahrefs is one of the industry standards when it comes to page analysis. Their standalone service is now available in a browser extension for easier use.

It provides numerous metrics on keywords, links, and rankings in a concise dashboard; and each metric can be expanded to show a more detailed report.

Ahrefs is only for paid users, starting at $99 per month.


Sitechecker is great for those who want a full report on a page’s SEO performance.

It will prepare and share a detailed audit report on content optimization, keywords, images, page load time, and much more. This is great for those who want deep insights into their content’s performance.

Sitechecker is available for free for all users.


Mangools is a unique entry in this list, as it combines results from two other services: Moz and Majestic.

It displays your search engine results, keyword data analysis, and backlink data all in one place with deep intelligence and a solid view of how you rate against the competition.

Mangools has paid subscription tiers that begin at $29 per month.

Best Keyword Extensions

These options give you the greatest insights into what keywords will help your website rankings. This is one of the main features writers look for when trying to optimize their content.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an extension that focuses on providing the best keywords and keyword alternatives for your content. The unique feature with this extension is that its results are provided directly within the Google search interface.

Simply enter your desired keyword, and the extension will give you other options to consider. You can also export these for later reference.

Keywords Everywhere is free for all users.


Glimpse is an “upgrade” of the Google Trends extension that moves into keyword and topic optimization.

This version is paid, instead of the free basic version of Trends. However, the advanced features like keyword search volume, long tail keyword suggestions, and a topic map make it worth the investment for advanced developers.

Glimpse is available for free for only ten searches per month, and advanced keyword searches require a premium subscription.


Ubersuggest also lets you view Google search keyword results directly from your browser as you build your web page.

It will also display additional recommended keywords in a downloadable CSV file format for later review.

The Ubersuggest plugin is a free tool for all users. However, additional Ubersuggest tools require an additional subscription.


TextOptimizer is perfect for writers who just want to focus on adding quality keywords to their content.

It provides a helpful score showing how optimized your text is, along with suggestions that should boost your page’s performance on search engines.

TextOptimizer is available for free for all users.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer provides a leaner alternative to other paid services that will show you keyword data and analyze backlinks right within your browser.

Keyword searches and traffic estimates are also part of its data suite, giving you real intelligence on your website at your fingertips.

Keyword Surfer is free for all users.

Best Ranking Extensions

These Google Chrome extensions look at how your website will perform on search engine results pages, and how they stack up against the competition.


SimilarWeb allows you to explore what your competition is doing. It provides traffic and keyword metrics for any site. Statistics like bounce rate, pages per visit, and visit duration are included in one report.

This is ideal for developers who want to optimize their website to perform better than the competition.

SimilarWeb is free for all users.

Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the extensions that make up the Google Webmaster Tools collection.

Trends offers deep insights into what is popular right now, and shows the most popular searches at the current time. This is helpful in identifying what will resonate with your audience, and how you can appeal to the right niche groups to drive to action.

Google Trends is free for all users.


For short and easy results, Fatrank is a great, simple tool that shows you how your website ranks against the competition.

It tells you whether or not your page would appear in the top 100 results on major search engines, and if so it displays that ranking for your review.

Fatrank is free for all users.

SEO Search Simulator

SEO Search Simulator is just that: a simulator that shows how your page will perform against other search engine traffic on the web.

You can also break down the results by geographic region, which is helpful if you want to drive traffic or conversions from certain parts of the world.

SEO Search Simulator is free for all users.

Best Metadata and Script Extensions

The backend of a website or page is equally as important as the written text displayed on the screen. Metadata and behind-the-scenes scripts can also make your website more popular in search results.

These Chrome extensions look at this unsung powerhouse of SEO performance.

Ayima Redirect Path

Ayima’s Redirect Path is an extension that caters to the technical side of developing web pages.

Instead of looking at your written content, this extension provides a page analysis of the structure and the back-end content. Broken links and code are flagged for you to review and repair, ensuring that your site is fully functional as well as content-optimized.

Redirect Path is free for all users.

SEO Meta in 1 Click

SEO Meta also caters to technical developers by focusing on the metadata of a given page.

Metadata is one of the top ways you can optimize your page to outperform others. Items like the page’s title, description, URL, headers, and more are highlighted in an easy-to-read format so you can fill in all the right information on your pages.

SEO Meta is free for all users.

Meta SEO Inspector

Meta SEO Inspector also looks at your website’s meta tags to ensure that they are set up properly.

Plus, this one goes a step further and looks at all of the scripts being used by your website to ensure that they are functioning properly as well. This takes optimization a step further by looking into overall page performance.

Meta SEO Inspector is free for all users.


While it may seem counterintuitive, some pages should not be indexed for SEO. This requires some minor tweaks on the backend of a webpage to prevent a page from being crawled by search engines.

The NoFollow plugin checks your page to ensure that that piece of code has been added properly. It also checks any external sites that are backlinking to your page, so you can make adjustments accordingly.

NoFollow is free for all users.

View Rendered Source

Developers that want complete control of their website code should definitely consider using View Rendered Source.

It compiles all of the disparate source files and scripts your page uses, then produces the “rendered” version that will display on the live website. This allows you to check if any of the scripts will overwrite your metadata in unexpected ways.

View Rendered Source is free for all users.

Best Broken Link Extensions

Having functioning links across your website is not just a matter of providing quality service to your users. It also impacts the reliability of your content, and therefore its search engine rankings.

Check My Links

Check My Links is a more basic plugin that hones in on checking those pesky broken links.

Even if you need additional plugins for keywords and page structure, this plugin is well worth it if your pages use lots of links. A one-click scan lets you review all of your links at once, saving time and effort versus a manual search.

Check My Links is free for all users.

NinjaOutreach Lite

NinjaOutreach Lite is a free extension from the paid NinjaOutreach service that promotes healthy backlinking for your pages.

You can search any page or website for the email addresses associated with it. This can greatly help developers who want their page to be searchable and linkable, along with the other data mining tools available with this plugin.

NinjaOutreach Lite is free for all users.

Link Redirect Trace

Link Redirect Trace is a powerful tool that hones in on every link contained within a redirect chain.

For pages that make heavy use of redirects, or those that incorporate numerous scripts, this is a great tool that shows whether your page is functioning properly.

Link Redirect Trace is available for free for all users.

Best Page Speed Extensions

Pages that load quicker will perform better on searches. Use Chrome  extensions like these if you want to see how quickly your content will load, and what may bog down your site’s performance.

PageSpeed Insights by Google

PageSpeed Insights is another one of Google’s Webmaster Tools. This extension looks at your page’s load time.

Pages that take less time to load will perform better on traffic and conversions. This plugin will show how quickly your page loads, and what may be negatively impacting its load time so you can improve its performance.

PageSpeed Insights by Google is free for all users.


Lighthouse is an open-source extension for Chrome that tests your page’s speed, content quality, and overall performance.

It then displays the data in a helpful dashboard that allows you to focus on the right aspects of your page to boost your SEO performance.

Lighthouse is free for all users.

Other Specialty Extensions

These extensions may not fit neatly into the previous categories, but they are still tremendously helpful for writers and developers.

vidIQ Vision for YouTube

SEO is not just for written content, and vidIQ Vision for YouTube allows you to optimize and boost your video content as well.

It offers tangible steps and deeper insights on how to get your videos to perform well in rankings, how to relate it properly to the rest of your content, and how to reach the best audiences.

vidIQ Vision is a relatively inexpensive option at $7.50 per month.


Buzzsumo is exclusively focused on social media, which still requires strong attention to SEO for top performance.

Use this tool as you think about backlinks used in social media content that connect users with your website or other platforms. This can help you decide what kind of content to create, and where to post it.

Buzzsumo is free for all users.


Buzzstream is a specialized tool for those interested in marketing their online content in engaging ways.

The browser extension, called BuzzMarker, helps you build the right links for other users to connect with your content, as well as pitch such connections to social media influencers.

Buzzstream’s paid service starts at $24 per month.

Hreflang Tag Checker

If you have content in multiple languages, the Hreflang Tag Checker will crawl your pages to ensure that this tag is properly included.

It also checks your website to see if the links you used for the languages you support are added properly as well. This adds another layer of functionality to what would otherwise be a basic checker.

Hreflang Tag Checker is free for all users.


Hunter specialized in finding all contact information related to your website.

For those who want customers to be able to contact them easily, this is a great tool to identify where your contact information is and position it in a prominent way to provide great service.

Hunter has subscription plans that begin at $49 per month.


Woorank helps you review your site’s performance, including its visibility to search engines and how usable it is for your site visitors.

It provides all of this rich data in a user-friendly dashboard and scoring system that clearly shows you where you can make the best improvements to your site.

Woorank has paid plans that begin at $49 per month, after a free 14-day trial period.

Best SEO Chrome Extensions


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