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August 30, 2022

SEO is a long and intensive process. However, all your efforts will go in vain if you can’t track them. This is where the best SEO reporting tools come in.

Running an SEO campaign requires a lot of time, effort, and skill. Most businesses run SEO campaigns and stick to them for good if it gives them good results, but you have to tweak and alter your SEO campaigns in real-time to achieve the maximum benefit. The only way to do this is by analyzing the progress of your SEO campaign over a period of time, and the best way to do it right is by using SEO reporting tools.

Not all SEO reporting tools are equal. Some have more efficient features than others. Some of the best SEO reporting tools you can rely on include SEMrush, Siteliner, Moz, and Google Data Studio. While there are plenty more, these stand on the top for all the right reasons.

A truly successful SEO campaign delivers consistent results. And for that, you’ll have to check if the campaign is performing well across all the basic parameters over time. An SEO report contains all the data you need to analyze the efficiency and success of your SEO campaigns and identify the issues you have to fix to achieve your SEO goals. The right SEO reporting tool is just the lifeline you need to beat your competitors!

As SEO experts who have run hundreds of successful campaigns, we know all there is to know about SEO reporting tools and how to use them efficiently to get the results that you want.


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Choosing the Best SEO Reporting Tool

We can’t stress enough that not all SEO reporting tools are the same. Some tools stand above others because they’ve got better features, greater flexibility, and make it easier for the user to understand the technical parameters.

The first step to getting your SEO strategy right is choosing the best SEO reporting tool. Below are some factors that you must consider when choosing an SEO reporting tool.

Accurate Regional Data

What’s the purpose of SEO? It’s to get your website to rank high up in the search results when a user searches for something relevant to your niche. SEO, when done right, improves the visibility of your website and enhances the website traffic (not just any traffic, though).

If you operate in the U.S. and your website receives traffic from the U.K. where you don’t operate, would you call your SEO strategy successful?

The right SEO reporting tool will provide accurate regional data so that you know just how well your campaign is performing among your target audience.

Third-Party Integrations

SEO is just one part of digital marketing campaigns. You’ve got to analyze numerous factors to evaluate how well your digital marketing campaign is performing.

You should choose an SEO reporting tool that enables third-party integrations with tools like Google My Business and Google Analytics so that you can have all the information you need in one place.


Every business has to scale up to better software and operating systems as they grow. You ideally don’t want to look for new SEO reporting tools every time you upgrade your system. Therefore, it would be best to choose an SEO reporting tool that’s scalable.


Of course, you should choose an SEO reporting tool that offers a strong suite of features, including backlink monitoring, competitor data, analytics, and position tracking, to name a few. The more the features, the better.

Custom Reporting and Exporting Reports

The best kinds of tools are the ones that allow you to prepare custom reports. Not only that, but you should also be able to export reports across various formats.

Ease of Use

If a tool is too difficult to understand and use, is it any good for you? Certainly not. The ease of use should be one of the first factors you should evaluate when choosing SEO reporting tools.

The navigation should be easy, the dashboards should be clean and neat, and the functionality must be top-notch!

Best SEO Reporting Tools

The key to tweaking your SEO campaigns right is finding the best SEO reporting tools. We’ve listed down some of the best SEO reporting tools available for you today to help you choose the best.


Although SEMrush isn’t a specialized SEO reporting tool, it’s one of the most comprehensive SEO-focused tools that you can rely on.

It provides all the necessary data and reports that’ll help you stay on top of your competitors as far as SEO campaigns, social media campaigns, and business campaigns are concerned.

Some of the best features of SEMrush that make it the best SEO reporting tool include:

  • Unlimited competitor tracking
  • Locations and devices reports
  • Projects merge reports
  • Competitor discovery report
  • Position tracking reports
  • Filter by SERP

How SEMrush Helps You Stay on Top

SEMrush offers a wide range of features that are just what you need to stay ahead. Some of the most notable SEO-focused features of SEMrush have been discussed in detail below:

Analyze the Overall Performance of Your Website

With SEMrush, you don’t have to wait and wonder if your SEO campaign worked and how well your website is performing following it.

The SEO tool shows the organic traffic and paid traffic that your website received after your SEO campaign went live.

You’ll be able to see how the keywords you used ranked. The keyword rank report will help you evaluate if your choice of keywords was good and give you a clear picture of the areas you’ve got to improve.

Helps You Find Valuable Keywords

Keywords are the most important element of SEO. If you use the right keywords (the keywords that the users are using to run a search on search engines), the chances of your website appearing higher up in the search results are pretty high.

Without the right keywords, you don’t stand a chance against your competitors. SEMrush will help you find the most relevant and highest-ranking keywords so that you can optimize your website content accordingly.

Not only will SEMrush help you find the right keywords, including long-tail keywords, but it will also present a report showing what keywords your competitors are using that’s getting them such a good ranking.

Helps You Understand Your Competitors’ Strategy

SEMrush not only tells you which keywords your competitors are using, but it also provides you with an in-depth analysis of which keywords are bringing in the most traffic for them.

It’ll help you learn from your competitors and use the right findings to modify your SEO strategy, thereby improving the overall performance of your website.

Helps You Retain Traffic

Once you draw traffic to your website, the next goal should be to retain it. SEMrush will help you track the locations from where you’re getting the most traffic, assist you in monitoring the keyword positions, and enable you to integrate Google Analytics to your website so that you’re able to find out all you can about your audience and ensure you retain them.

Get Valuable Backlinks

One way to rank better on Google is to include backlinks from high-authority websites. SEMrush will help you get valuable backlinks, offering additional benefits to your website’s ranking.

Moreover, SEMrush also helps you determine which backlinks your competitors are using.

It won’t be wrong to say that SEMrush has got all the features you need to stay ahead of your competitors. With all the right reports and data, you’ll know exactly where you stand and where you’ve got to work harder.


Siteliner is another SEO reporting tool that’s worth a mention. It’s not solely an SEO reporting tool but is a more wholesome solution to your SEO-related challenges.

It enables you to scan your website thoroughly and identify any issues that may have a negative impact on the quality of your website.

It identifies broken links, duplicate content, and page size. In a nutshell, Siteliner is the ultimate tool that helps you improve in key areas that’ll help enhance your website’s quality, and eventually, the ranking on search engines.

Features of Siteliner

Some of the best features of Siteliner that enable you to optimize your website are:

Detailed Page Reports

Siteliner analyzes every page of your website and prepares a detailed report to give you an insight into every page of your website.

Website Summary

Siteliner provides a detailed analysis of each page of your website. It also provides a summary report in which it highlights all the key data in a summarized form so that you can get an idea about your website’s status at a glance.

Identifies Duplicate Content

If your website has duplicate content or pages, Google will rank your website poorly. With Siteliner, you can identify the duplications on your website and address them so that no remaining duplications can affect your website ranking.

Identifies Broken Links

If a user comes across a broken link, it leaves a bad impression on them, and they’re less likely to return to your website. Broken links can really deteriorate the user experience, which can negatively impact the ranking of your website.

However, with Siteliner, you’ll be able to fix any broken links anywhere on your website.

Helps Choose Relevant Internal Links

Internal links redirect users to other relevant pages on your website. Internal linking adds value to your content and enhances the user experience.

Siteliner helps you add internal links that redirect the users to appropriate pages that they might find useful.

Generates Useful Reports

Siteliner generates reports that can help you improve your website’s performance. Some of the most valuable reports that you can get with Siteliner include site reports and XML sitemaps.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO reporting tool, Moz might just be it. It helps you monitor a number of critical factors that can make or break your site’s ranking, including website visibility, traffic, and overall ranking.

Features of Moz

Moz isn’t on our list of the best SEO reporting tools for nothing. It offers many features that optimize your website easily and more effectively. The following features of Moz are what make it such a worthy SEO reporting tool.

Keyword Explorer

The Keyword Explorer is easily the highlight of Moz. It shows which search queries are the most popular, how difficult a certain keyword is to rank, and other keyword-related queries that help you optimize your content right.

The Keyword Explorer scores the keywords that you enter that help you understand how useful a certain keyword will be for your SEO campaign.

The keywords are scored out of 100. The closer the score is to 100, the higher the search volume for it.

It means if you include high-scoring keywords in your content, the chances of your site ranking are much higher.

Other features that make Moz a great SEO reporting tool include:

  • Open Site Explorer, which is a backlink checker
  • On-Page Grader, an on-page analyzer
  • Rank Tracker helps you track the rank of your website and thereby track the progress over a certain period of time.

Google Data Studio

The next, but certainly not least, on our list of the best SEO reporting tools is Google Data Studio. It’s one of the finest SEO reporting tools with some of the best features.

It allows you to generate important insights and create important reports that help you evaluate the performance of your SEO campaigns and improvise and modify on a need-basis.

The metrics that Google Data Studio generates are highly specific and detailed, which gives you a clear picture of where you’re standing and shows you the direction you must be headed to achieve your SEO goals.

Features of Google Data Studio

Some of the features that make Google Data Studio what it is (that is one of the best SEO reporting tools) include:

  • A detailed yet tidy dashboard
  • Collects data from multiple sources
  • Interactive visualization of data
  • Report scheduling
  • Generation of charts and graphs for better understanding of analytical data
Best SEO Reporting Tools


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