My Honest Review of ConvertBox (Read Before Buying)

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Daniel Wade


May 1, 2023

ConvertBox is an opt-in tool, a list-growth tool, and a behavior-based on-site retargeting tool all in one. Its versatility, and astonishing conversion rates suggest that it could replace multiple software in your arsenal.

To sustain your online business long term, you'll need to target and re-target your existing traffic with tailored offers, and one of the tools that you'll need to accomplish that is ConvertBox.

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What is ConvertBox?

ConvertBox is a highly automated on-site email collection tool. Its purpose is to increase leads and sales through the targeted engagement of your visitors.


What makes it so effective is that it creates a significantly more personalized opt-in experience for your visitors through the use of very smart on-site messages and compelling lead capture forms.

This is, in part, a review of the features and functionality of the ConvertBox email opt-in tool. It is also a tactical guide on how you can implement it for your business for maximum ROI.

11 Reasons Why ConvertBox is the Better Lead Capture Tool

It Targets Visitors Intelligently

Rather than static, generic messages, ConvertBox deploys highly personalized messages that push your visitors to action. It utilizes both CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ESP (Email Service Provider) data and considers site activity and the referring website before presenting a tailored offer to the visitor in question, leading to a highly personalized experience.

It Offers Numerous Custom Form Fields

You have the pick of the litter as far as custom form fields are concerned. You can tailor your email collection forms using a wide range of layouts (including full-page and modal forms; we'll discuss these in-depth), then use the tool to relay collected emails to your CRM and ESP databases. It's that straightforward.

It Supports A/B Split Testing

You can figure out what works and what doesn't by creating multiple test variations courtesy of the tool's A/B split testing feature. Create and test variations of your lead collection forms from inside the visual editor, and use the real-time data to predict which would convert better, even before you launch.

It Allows Segmentation Funnels

ConvertBox allows you to segment your audience in order to present highly personalized offers to relevant visitors. One of its most acclaimed features is the multiple-choice funnels you can deploy to categorize and tag your visitors before presenting them with offers based on their goals and interests.

It is Easy to Use

You can create everything within the visual editor (and test it) by dragging and dropping everything into place. That includes your website brand, the personalized messages, and everything in between.

Everything Can Be Tracked

Finally, the reason why ConvertBox is such an effective opt-in tool for marketers is that it gives you real-time analytics and insights of every element in your messages.

This gives you the ability to tweak every step in your lead collection campaign until you find one that has the maximum return on investment.

Set Your Own Targeting Rules

Your messages can be as laser-focused as possible depending on the targeting rules you set. Luckily, ConvertBox lets you decide which visitors get which messages based on a lot of factors. These include the number of visits, the referring site, the device they're using, their location, the percentage they've scrolled, and even when they trigger an exit intent.

There's no limit to the granularity in which you can target your visitors based on accurate data and behaviors tracked by your website and ConvertBox.

Create Engaging On-Site Messages for Every Type of Sale or Offer

With ConvertBox, the sky really is the limit as far as the types of offers you can run. You can target visitors that are abandoning the shopping cart with a new offer, increase sales by targeting previous customers with discount coupons and even run limited time offers that drive visitors into a last-minute buying rush.There's a lot of different ways to present new offers to your visitors, and the best news is that you can get as creative as you want so that you keep them continuously engaged and ready to convert.

Manage Everything from One Dashboard

With all the functionality it's offering, it would be quite a hassle to keep up with ConvertBox if everything wasn't neatly laid out in one dashboard.


Build your email collection forms, track your opt-in elements, set new rules, and target customers from one central point, all the while curating a massive email list that's segmented based on your visitor's site activity and habits.

Easily Integrates with Marketing Tools

Enjoy seamless integration with all the major marketing tools including autoresponders, page builders, and cart platforms. Integrations are being added on a daily basis, so ConvertBox will soon be universally compatible with all marketing strategies regardless of the tools they depend on.


Installs in 2 Minutes or Less

Installing ConvertBox to your website is as simple as adding a small portion of code to your site. You can also use their WordPress plugin if you find it less complicated.

12 Ways to Use ConvertBox in Your Business

The versatility of this opt-in tool comes in a clear view when you list all its possible use cases. It covers everything from pushing visitors down the sales funnel to providing site-wide announcements to building your email list.

Here are twelve ways you can successfully re-target existing visitors using ConvertBox.


1. Slide-in Opt-in Forms

Possibly the most commonly used type of opt-in form is the slide-in. Most websites use these to offer downloadable content like guides/cheat sheets, podcast/video companions, and e-books.

Slide-ins often reside on the edges of a webpage where they don't divert focus from the main content. They can still be made extra visible with color and compelling graphics.

Their success largely relies on how relevant they are to the page's main content. A visitor is more likely to click on it if it is relevant to the content they're currently reading/watching/listening to.

2. Exit-Intent Page Overlay

When a visitor is about to exit your site, ConvertBox allows you to push one last offer before they leave via an exit-intent page overlay. ConvertBox offers a standard modern lightbox overlay and a dark full-screen takeover. The former is clean, minimal, and visually appealing, but most websites report higher conversions using the full-screen takeover.

Exit-intent pages help websites to retain visitors and promote their products and services at the same time, causing a domino effect that ultimately leads to an uptick in conversion rates.

3. Click-Triggered Links

Text links and image link triggers are some of the most successful conversion tools within ConvertBox. When activated, these triggers introduce an opt-in form where people can subscribe to get updates or downloadable content.

You can use these links to promote training courses, podcast notes, guides, or limited-time access to your services at the same time as ConvertBox allows you to control who sees which messages, leading to significantly higher opt-in rates. 

4. Transform Opt-in CTAs to Purchase CTAs

The versatility of ConvertBox is really a big deal, especially when it comes to how and when you can customize your CTAs. For example, a new visitor may be greeted by a standard opt-in form, but after they've opted in, you can ensure that they never see the same message again.

Savvy marketers use this opportunity to turn the opt-in into a purchase. A repeat visitor will now be welcomed with a personal greeting and presented with an offer based on their previous web activity and interests.

It helps you move your visitors along the sales funnel each time they visit your website, segmenting them according to the frequency of their visits and their previous activity. 

5. Welcome Visitors to Your Site

A personalized message can go a long way in turning visitors into customers. With ConvertBox, you can welcome new visitors and use guides and videos to introduce them to your website.

The robust targeting functionality that's built into ConvertBox makes it extremely easy to pull off. And simple as it might be, it is highly effective in building trust and spreading brand awareness to first-time visitors.

6. Get Opt-in Overlays on Other People's Websites

If you routinely feature on other people's websites, ConvertBox can help you turn them into a steady source of leads and conversions via powerful opt-in forms.

Marketers were very excited about Sniply, a tool that allows you to share your content links on other sites, and even include your own CTA. If you knew of and loved Sniply, then you'll enjoy the similar feature built into ConvertBox.

You can create an overlay on other sites to get opt-ins from content that's not even on your website! Plus, with the ability to include your customized CTA on these overlays, there's quite a lot you can get done with these overlays. 

7. Make Site-Wide Offers and Announcements

The Sticky Bar is one of the popular slide-in styles you'll find on ConvertBox. It is particularly good for announcements like site-wide discounts, upcoming events, and limited-time promotions.

8. Dynamic Customer Experience Quizzes

This is arguably what makes ConvertBox so powerful. The feature allows you to create dynamic multiple-choice quizzes that are used to redirect visitors to different landing pages and offers based on their answers.

By including specific tags in your autoresponder, you can even use the information from these quizzes to target specific sections of your email list based on their quiz results.

It's also a great tool for guiding users through your website. For instance, if you go in-depth in the niche you're in, you can help out your visitors by allowing them to select their level of knowledge then directing them to the most relevant content.

Aside from improving overall user experience, these quizzes help you categorize your visitors into classes such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced, or budget-conscious and high-spending-Information that helps you promote the right products to the right people.

9. Seasonal Countdown Promotions

One feature that drives up conversion rates dramatically is the countdown. A site-wide promotion that offers discounted rates on some of your products for a limited time could yield impressive returns when you use the countdown feature in ConvertBox.

The countdown shows that the offer won't last forever. It pushes visitors to take action while they still can, and drives home the scarcity of the products on offer. No matter what you're promoting, this is a remarkable tool to seasonally boost sales and conversions on your website.

10. Personalized Messages Based on Link Origin

When one of your off-site overlays directs a customer to your website, you can greet them with yet another personal message-one that's specially created for them.

You can segment visitors based on the content that brought them to your website, making it easier to know which offers or opt-ins to pitch to the new visitor.

11. Location-Based Announcements

You can make site-wide announcements that target people in a specific geographical location. For instance, if you're planning on setting up a seminar in Las Vegas, you can use the sticky bar feature to announce the upcoming event, but restrict it to target only people visiting your site from Las Vegas.

Whether you're after more attendees or looking to target a specific demographic, this is an excellent feature for location-specific brand promotion.

12. Countdown Coupons

The countdown feature in ConvertBox seems overpowered because of its ability to create a sense of urgency. One other way you can utilize it is by attaching it to tailored discount coupons.

For example, a visitor who has recently purchased one of your products can be presented with a coupon that's especially for them. The only catch is that they have to act fast to enjoy the huge discount that you're giving them.

It does a great job of inspiring visitors to jump onto discounts and promotions before they expire, so it potentially is the most conversion-focused tool in the entire arsenal.

Tips to Help You Make the Most of ConvertBox

Using ConvertBox is pretty straightforward. However, long-time users of the opt-in tool suggest the following strategies for increasing your click-rate even more.

Use Images

Your click-triggered links and opt-in forms should all be compelling. It's hard to grab attention without images. Even a small image alongside your main text is enough to give your opt-in box higher visibility and more appeal.

Convert Existing Boxes into New Projects

ConvertBox doesn't need you to work hard, it requires you to work smart. That's why you can easily turn your old projects into new projects at the click of a button.

You'll save a lot of time by simply converting what works into a new format. Fortunately, ConvertBox is all about convenience and simplicity, so changing from a modal opt-in to a sticky bar or full-screen overlay is a lot less complicated than it sounds.

Split-Test Every New Box

Make sure you test out every box to find out what works and what doesn't. This is an incredible feature as it allows you to hone in on the perfect message through trial and error.

A/B testing allows you to continuously improve each lightbox before deployment. Furthermore, you can estimate the return on each element with the help of the metrics you get from testing.

Tag Your Content Relentlessly

Organizing your website content by tags is something that will be extremely handy if you're using ConvertBox. It is much easier to send special offers to visitors when you can set rules to segment content by tags. The result is much more accurate targeting, which ultimately leads to higher lead and conversion rates across the board.

Pricing - How Expensive is ConvertBox?

To get the same functionality, OptinMonster charges $49 a month that's billed annually. So, using it requires a $588 investment on day one, and it doesn't stop.

Thrive Leads charges $147 a year for the same functionality offered by ConvertBox. Most tools like it will require at least an ongoing monthly fee to keep using.

ConvertBox is currently offering a limited time lifetime offer where you get all the functionality without having to pay ongoing fees for it. This offer is set to expire once ConvertBox is live on its website, whereby we assume it will switch to a monthly payment system like the rest of them.

Even if we don't compare every tiny detail about each opt-in tool, it is evident that ConvertBox offers way more value, especially since you'll only have to pay for it once.

And going by the thousands of marketers that are already using the tool, it is an investment that pays for itself every day. It holds an unlimited amount of potential to turn existing visitors into repeat customers based on an extensive range of factors, which you get to choose when setting rules for each opt-in form you deploy.

That's just how flexible and customizable ConvertBox can be. There's no doubt that it can double or triple your leads and conversions, or help you create a massive email list and segment it based on previous purchases and site activity.

By putting such power at your disposal, ConvertBox allows you to take full control of how your visitors experience your website, killing two birds with one stone, and making sales hand-over-fist while you're at it.

My Honest Review of ConvertBox (Read Before Buying)


Daniel Wade

Daniel Wade

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