Convertbox Vs Optin Monster

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Daniel Wade


November 8, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • ConvertBox offers more personalized visitor targeting options than OptinMonster.
  • OptinMonster has a wider range of templates and pre-built forms than ConvertBox.
  • ConvertBox boasts a simpler, more user-friendly interface for creating campaigns.
  • OptinMonster integrates with a larger number of third-party services and tools.
  • ConvertBox provides a more streamlined A/B testing process than OptinMonster.

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The ConvertBox vs. Optin Monster debate has raged for a while now, and it's time to end it. But which one is ideal for your lead generation campaign?

ConvertBox turns website visitors into customers using opt-in forms, powerful CTAs, and behavior-based retargeting. On the other hand, OptinMonster uses targeted pop-ups and messages to entice visitors into becoming customers while they're on your website.

With over a decade of digital marketing experience and a specialization in conversion rate optimization (CRO), I bring a wealth of practical insights when comparing tools like ConvertBox and Optin Monster. I have kept abreast of the latest developments and updates within these tools, ensuring my analysis is current and relevant. As such, I’ll provide an informed, expert opinion that cuts through marketing jargon to deliver clear, actionable comparisons, drawing from many success stories and personal case studies.


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ConvertBox is an incredibly useful application. Because of its flexibility, ease of use, and high conversion rates, it may end up replacing a lot of other plug-ins on your site. This is because it is more than just an opt-in tool.

It's a list-building and retargeting tool that's dynamic and behavior-based. ConvertBox also makes it easy to construct any type of pop-up or opt-in to collect email addresses or direct visitors to offers.

What is ConvertBox?

ConvertBox is a robust tool used to build and manage virtually any website-based opt-in form or call-to-action. The program is completely hosted and may be used on any website. For WordPress users, there is a WordPress plug-in that makes installation a breeze.

It differs from other lead-generating solutions in that it allows you to customize how your lead-capture form is delivered and create easy, customized funnels. It also comes with industry-leading testing and reporting capabilities.

How is it Different from Others?

ConvertBox, unlike the great majority of its rivals, does not treat every site visitor equally. Rather than constant disruption, effective involvement is preferred.

ConvertBox is committed to intelligently increasing the number of conversions from your website visitors. It knows where visitors came from, where they are in the sales funnel, and what actions they've performed on your site in the past.

Email Marketing Software Integration

This isn't a matter of integrating your lead-capture software with your email program.

It's all about getting them to work well together. And they will, thanks to ConvertBox's sophisticated behavior customization, which integrates seamlessly with your email marketing platform.

Lead Segmentation

If you're serious about building a high-quality, relevant email list, here is where ConvertBox beats the competition to a pulp. If you employ this feature correctly, your email sign-up rates will skyrocket. We understand that getting traffic to your new site is your priority when you initially get it up and running – we're all in the same boat.

However, after you have traffic, you must think about getting visitors to return, download your lead magnet, subscribe to your email list, or make a purchase. Segmentation is crucial if you're looking to achieve all of this.

What is ConvertBox Used For?

Delivering hyper-targeted communications to your website visitors when they need them. Here are some brief examples:

  • Upsell Offers — If someone has just completed a purchase on your website, you may make an upsell offer with a timeframe to generate a feeling of urgency.
  • Cart Abandonment — If a customer does not complete their purchase at checkout, you can display a pop-up to entice them to do so.
  • Related Information – Offering more relevant information based on what they've just read or seen is a wonderful approach to keep visitors on your site.

ConvertBox Features

ConvertBox emerges as a powerful contender in visitor engagement and conversion optimization, offering a suite of features tailored to maximize your website's potential. These features include the following.

Intelligent Targeting

Randomly targeting everything will make it more difficult to achieve your objective, just as targeting everyone who comes to your website won't help either. The trick is to target the appropriate visitor at the right time to create more leads.

This functionality in ConvertBox will let you accomplish just that. Based on your data, such as visitor behavior on-site, and other data, such as referring site, CRM data, and referring sites, you'll be able to target the right visitors with tailored messaging, all thanks to strong capabilities like the dynamic text substitution function.

This feature also allows you to address the recipients by name, adding a personal touch to the message.

Lead Capture Forms

With these forms, you can capture all of the visitor data you need by using field forms. You can then use ConvertBox's powerful form automation to link it with your ESP and CRM.

There are unique promo codes and timed deals that you can also make good use of. You may utilize templates or start from scratch with these features, simplifying the entire process.


ConvertBox's active tracking feature allows you to use lead generation analytics to monitor and track visitor behavior on your website in real time. This analysis will provide you with crucial information about your site's visitor activity, such as interactions leads, and much more.

Using this statistics tool, you can quickly break out each component of your website and identify underperforming areas.

Countdown Timers

This feature may be used to build urgency-inducing drop-down lists to alert visitors to final deals that are in low supply or may expire quickly. Incorporating customized countdown clocks into other CTA components on your website is also a great way to capitalize on FOMO or Fear of Missing Out.

Segmentation Funnel

Using this feature, you can create numerous choice funnels and segment visitors accordingly. You can also use tags and provide highly professionalized discounts and bargains that are tailored to your visitors' interests and wants.

Visitor Targeting

ConvertBox provides highly customized messages that urge visitors to take action instead of generic, static ones. To provide a highly personalized experience, it leverages ESP (Email Service Provider) data, as well as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for better targeting.

Multiple Custom Form Fields

You have the choice of the litter when using custom form fields. You may utilize the tool to transfer the emails gathered to your CRM and ESP databases after customizing your email collecting forms with several pre-designed layouts.

A/B Split Testing

You can find out what works and what doesn't by producing many test versions with the tool's A/B split testing functionality. Create and test different lead generation forms right in the visual editor, then use real-time data to see which ones work best.

Engaging On-Site Messages

The sky is the limit when it comes to the sorts of offers you may run using ConvertBox. You may persuade visitors to make a last-minute purchase by making a fresh offer to those who have not gone through the purchasing process and have abandoned their shopping carts.

This alone can increase sales by targeting prior customers with discount coupons or running limited-time specials. You may advertise fresh deals to your visitors in a variety of ways, and you can use all of these features to get your creative juices flowing so that you keep your visitors engaged.

Everything on One Dashboard

By far, one of the best advantages of using ConvertBox is that you get complete control over multiple tools and features that can be tweaked and customized from a single dashboard.

Slide-in Opt-in Forms

The slide-in form is arguably the most common form, and many websites use this to give information that can be downloaded, such as e-books, etc. Slide-ins are commonly seen at the edges of a webpage, where they don't detract from the main content. They may stand out even more with the use of color and appealing pictures.

Their success is mostly influenced by their relevance to the page's content. A visitor is more likely to click on it if it is related to the material they are already interested in.

Exit-Intent Page Overlay

When a visitor is ready to leave your site, ConvertBox allows you to make one final offer to them with the help of an exit-intent page overlay. ConvertBox offers a dark full-screen and a normal lightbox overlay so that you can take your pick.

Even though the former is cleaner, most websites claim that full-screen takeovers lead to more conversions. Exit-intent pages help websites keep users on their pages while also advertising to help boost conversion rates.

Click-Triggered Links

ConvertBox's most popular conversion tool is the picture link. Whenever it’s activated, the opt-in form will appear where individuals can download or sign up.

It gives you complete control over all messages, which results in far higher opt-in rates. These links can be used to promote training sessions or limited-time access to whatever you're offering.

Purchase CTAs for Transforming Opt-in CTAs

ConvertBox's versatility is useful, especially when customizing your CTAs and when you may do so. A conventional opt-in form could greet new visitors and make sure they are not annoyed by getting the same messages over again. Smart marketers use this chance to turn an opt-in into a sale.

A customized greeting and offer will now be sent to a returning visitor based on their prior online activity and interests. It helps you move your website visitors through the sales funnel each time they come, segmenting them depending on how often they visit and what they've done before.

Customized Welcome Message

With the use of a personalized message, you can turn your visitors into customers. ConvertBox may be used to welcome new visitors with useful tutorials and videos. Because of ConvertBox's excellent targeting capability, it's fairly straightforward to pull this off.

Also, despite its simplicity, it is quite effective in creating trust and raising brand recognition among first-time visitors.


While the service is still in its infancy, you get a lifetime offer that will set you back just $495. With that, ConvertBox gets you ten websites, free platform updates, over 25,000 monthly views, and top-notch customer support.


OptinMonster made a splash when it entered the email opt-in form plug-in scene in 2013. OptinMonster offers a user-centric experience along with many design options for its opt-in forms, which easily sets it apart from the rest.

OptinMonster has garnered the attention of many businesses and marketers for its easy-to-use interface and effectiveness, providing complete control to the user with plenty of features and customization options.

What is OptinMonster?

For marketing firms and other small businesses, OptinMonster is the greatest lead-generating tool. You need OptinMonster to expand your email list, increase website conversions, and decrease cart abandonment.

What we love about OptinMonster is that it's simple to use on any website. It may be used on both WordPress and non-WordPress websites. To add it to your campaigns, you can either utilize the WordPress plug-in or add a piece of code to your site.

You also have access to many pre-made templates that have previously been optimized for maximum conversions.

It also knows what works and is continually refining its templates after being around for so long and learning from client campaign data. You won't have to start from scratch this way, and you'll know something will work.

All you have to do now is go through the templates, choose one, tweak it a little, and launch your campaign.

OptinMonster is one of the most powerful lead-generation tools available, and it works virtually instantly. You may quickly create a campaign that is linked to the tools you already have.

What we like is the large number of themes and customization options available right off the bat. As a result, OptinMonster is both a simple tool for beginners and a strong one for experienced marketers.

The simple WordPress connection saves time as well.

The New Features

The greatest feature of OptinMonster is that it's no longer simply a WordPress plug-in. Rather, it has transformed into a hosted service that can be used to add a variety of email sign-up forms to a website, whether they're using WordPress or not.

Because it's a hosted service, you can manage forms and other content from OptinMonster's dashboard. This offers several advantages, including the addition of a clutter-free user interface, the opportunity to manage multiple forms at a time, along with other content from a single area, and the elimination of one (big) plug-in from your website.

Although your OptinMonster account is still linked to your WordPress website through a plug-in, the current version is significantly smaller and lighter than the previous one.

However, the OptinMonster crew has been busy with more than just hosting. The creators have introduced several fantastic new features to keep the plug-in competitive, such as:

  • Use shortcodes to insert forms into posts and pages
  • Add sound effects or animations to forms while they are loading
  • Success templates that are shown after a positive form interaction
  • Purpose-built mobile forms
  • Newly optimized codes
  • More form types
  • More form appearance themes
  • Control where each pop-up appears on the website
  • A yes/no form option for asking visitors a question

OptinMonster, launched with three types of opt-in forms, has since been expanded to seven sign-up form types.

The additional options are nice additions, especially the in-content form, which was noticeably missing from the first list. Another intriguing feature is an option to go fullscreen.

This enables users to fill the entire screen with the form, pushing visitors to sign up or click the back/close button. Full-screen forms can also be used as a welcome note for visitors or as gateway messages for all those who visit the website.

A new arrival on the OptinMonster scene is a set of CSS3 animation effects that may be activated while a form is shown to draw your visitors' attention. Your forms may now include a sound effect that plays as they load.

Thanks to OptinMonster's recent shift to a hosted service, creating and maintaining your forms is now easier than ever. Of course, the same clean layout and well-labeled options-and-settings pages remain, but in a more user-friendly environment.

Content Canvas Form

While OptinMonster has many themes to style and base your form designs, the new add-on form enables you to start the customization process from scratch. When you select this option, you may customize the lightbox's width and height, as well as insert the content you have created by providing the required HTML and CSS.

This means you can no longer use OptinMonster to create and show sign-up forms. You may now add anything you want to the pop-up window, including social media buttons, connections to other parts of your site, or any other interesting items that will pique the interest of your visitors.

Also, before saving the custom-designed opt-in pop-up form, you can pick from a variety of animation effects, such as slide, flash, wobble, bounce, and flip effects, and plenty of sound effects as well to ensure that your pop-ups stand out.

Note that these effects may be used on any of the light boxes.

OptinMonster as a Hosted Service

All form creation and administration activities were performed within the dashboard in earlier versions of OptinMonster, but now that the service is completely hosted, you may create and manage all pop-ups and forms from the account area.

Hosted Email Sign-Up Form

If you're on the Plus, Pro, or Agency plans and use OptinMonster on many sites (maybe client sites), logging in is made much easier, along with editing your current opt-in pop-ups and checking your conversion rate metrics – all in one spot.

This also implies that the process of creating and deploying pop-ups and email opt-in forms has altered significantly in comparison to earlier versions.

The good news is that now that everything is done through a dedicated user interface, it's even easier to add a variety of pop-ups and opt-in forms to any of the website's pages.

Email Marketing Service Integration

ConvertKit and MailChimp are just a few of the email newsletter service providers that OptinMonster works with, and each update to the service appears to add even more.

Selecting an option from a drop-down list and then authenticating your account is all it takes to integrate your new form with your preferred email list service. While each service operates differently, a helpful link to the appropriate online material is provided on the screen to help you figure things out. After you've created and saved your form, it's time to put it on your website.

OptinMonster Forms

You may change the published status to live whenever you're satisfied with the look and parameters of your pop-up campaign. OptinMonster now supports a variety of website types in addition to WordPress. However, if you're using WordPress, the OptinMonster plug-in will link your site to your OptinMonster account.

The campaigns may then be configured from the OptinMonster section of your dashboard, including who can see them and other visibility settings.

WordPress and Google Tag Manager

You may integrate OptinMonster with your blog in two ways. One is to use the WordPress plug-in, and the other is to use Google Tag Manager to install it globally.

The fewer WordPress plug-ins you have, the better your blog will run. As a result, we prefer to use Google Tag Manager to install OptinMonster.

If you're not tech-savvy, the OptinMonster WordPress plug-in makes using their service a snap. It's as simple as installing the plug-in and connecting your account.

Once you've connected your account, you'll be able to access the campaigns you've created. In comparison to other services, OptinMonster has the advantage of not being limited to WordPress.

OptinMonster Integrations

The opt-in program integrates with a variety of services, including Zapier. Email integration possibilities, as you might expect, are a strong feature, and they enable a variety of specialized email marketing providers.

It provides one of the most comprehensive lists of email providers in the industry.


OptinMonster is available in four packages: Basic, Plus, Pro, and Growth. All four plans have something unique to offer to customers.

Basic Plan ($9.00/month)

With the Basic Plan, users can access List Segmentation, and Simple Reporting.

Plus Plan ($19/month)

With this plan, you get Attention Activation, Content Locking, Advanced Integrations, and  MonsterSounds.

Pro Plan ($29/month)

With the Pro Plan, you get everything in the Plus Plan as well as Campaign Scheduling and Exit Intent Technology.

Growth Plan ($49/month)

This plan gets you all of the features in the Pro subscription plan and ManyChat Integration.

Convertbox Vs Optin Monster


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