My Honest Review of SiteBuddy (Read Before Buying)

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Daniel Wade


August 30, 2022

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As the internet world grows, the available tools for your websites only improve. SiteBuddy is the perfect solution to improve your Amazon Affiliate performance.

SiteBuddy has positioned itself as a niche tool on the market. SiteBuddy allows you to scan your affiliate sites and locate any broken links, out-of-stock products, and more. The goal of SiteBuddy is to improve your website’s health to stay in good standing with Amazon while growing your affiliate revenue.

SiteBuddy gives you direct access to your problems websites with one simple scan. Amazon Associates is a massive affiliate marketing network used by a wide range of sites to monetize their content. With SiteBuddy, you can avoid using broken links that slow down your website or generate no income for you. As SiteBuddy continues to grow, so do the features with a new real-time dashboard to make the product even better.

As a team that utilizes Amazon to a great extent, we understand the frustrations of publishing broken links, out-of-stock products, or forgetting to put our affiliate tag. All of these problems are tedious and can be easily missed. SiteBuddy plays the role of the fact-checker for you to ensure you have everything covered. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of SiteBuddy.  


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What is SiteBuddy?

In its simplest terms, SiteBuddy is a software tool that crawls and scans webpages to identify specifically defined errors and groups them into a neat report for you to fix them. It offers several different features, all geared towards one specific goal - increase the revenue on your website.

Despite the small team, SiteBuddy software performs quickly and efficiently. No customers complain about a lack of performance or any buggy experiences using the tool.

The most notable SiteBuddy features are its ability to scan your website and do the following:

  • Find Amazon links missing affiliate tags.
  • Identify and alert you of any links to out-of-stock, deleted, or inactive Amazon listings.
  • Website health report to remain in good standing with Amazon.

By tackling these problems and solving them through easy-to-use software, users can see significant growth in website traffic and revenue because of the improvement of their links.

The site will identify pages missing affiliate disclaimers and alert you of the problem. Amazon has been cracking down on those not using disclaimers and without them, you put your account at great risk for deactivation or suspension.

How Does SiteBuddy Work?

SiteBuddy does an amazing job by accomplishing a complex task in a simple way. They are a complex tool that can crawl your web pages and blog posts to analyze whether you are following the rules of the Amazon Associates affiliate program while checking links and their accuracy.

To get started, simply create an account and follow all of the instructions given by SiteBuddy. They do not require you to provide any documents, verification, or other permissions to tools like Google Search Console or your relevant APIs. The tool works perfectly without all of those things.

After signing up, SiteBuddy begins by running the scan on your website. It will analyze every single page on your website in a few short minutes and spit out the data back to you in an easy-to-understand clean report that anybody could understand no matter what your experience with these types of tools is.

It tells you how many total pages and posts you have on your website. Then it looks at all of your pages with links to see if there are any missing links, broken links or redirected links to see if they need to be replaced with updated Amazon Associates products.

By integrating with Amazon Associates, SiteBuddy has tapped into a highly relevant niche to give website owners the power to increase their affiliate revenue at an extremely low monthly cost. They take the guesswork out of affiliate links and automate the entire process for you.

Without SiteBuddy, checking individual links on a website would take hours and maybe even days for larger websites with tons of content.

SiteBuddy Features

SiteBuddy is designed to do more than simply provide basic suggestions on how to improve your website. Instead, you get actionable insights into how you can increase your affiliate revenue and enhance the overall quality of your website.

SiteBuddy puts a focus on two primary objectives for all customers. The first is to eliminate losses in revenue from broken or missing Amazon Associates links. The second is to improve your standing with Amazon and monitor your disclaimers to maintain the website and affiliate account health. This means you will lower the risk of any bans from failure to follow rules properly.

Scan Summary

The scan summary is the initial feature that SiteBuddy uses to start analyzing your website to gain meaningful insights into your blogs, affiliate links, and other related pages. The summary looks at all factors that impact your links and gains a complete overview of the health of your Amazon Affiliate site.

After the scan summary, all of the information is displayed in a viewable dashboard so you can see the complete snapshot of your website. Inside the summary, you will see what pages are missing links and where on your website the broken links are too.  

Pages Reports

After the scan summary, there are multiple reports produced based on all of the data gathered about your website. The primary report that is generated is the pages report and it can be seen in the dashboard with plenty of different metrics to track and analyze.

The page report shows three critical statistics to monitor.

  • Total number of pages scanned
  • Total number of affiliate pages
  • Total number of pages without a disclaimer

SiteBuddy does an excellent job pinpointing exactly where you are missing an important link or disclaimer to eliminate time-wasting on your end. You can directly address any issue by looking through the page’s report.  

Links Reports

The scan summary produces three unique reports that are extremely useful to site owners. Of these three reports, a link report is included to give you an in-depth breakdown of your internal link structure and affiliate link health to better determine how effectively they are working.

The link report displays three key stats for you.

  • Total number of links
  • Total number of links without an affiliate tag
  • Total number of affiliate tags on your website

These numbers are easily identified in an exportable file where you can sort, delete, and update to improve your affiliate website health. The link report is arguably the most valuable feature SiteBuddy has to offer.

You can see the total number of affiliate links you are using to determine whether it is best to scale up with more or delete some and focus on quality instead.

You can also see what links are missing an affiliate tag. This is a common mistake made by site owners where they are driving traffic directly to Amazon but because they forgot to include an affiliate tag, they are not collecting any revenue from it. These can add up quickly and hurt your website revenue.

Lastly, you get a detailed glimpse of the total number of affiliate tags on your website. With an easily exportable file to view all of these metrics, editing and updating your website becomes much easier and links can be monitored with more accuracy.

Product Reports

The third and final major factor from SiteBuddy is the product report functionality. Similar to the previous two, the product report will break down some key metrics in an easy to manipulate file for optimal updating and maintenance.

The product report shows the following metrics for you.

  • Total number of products
  • Total number of products producing an error
  • Total number of products that are out of stock

When the product report is generated, it includes an easy-to-understand file displaying an image of the product, the name of the product, ASI, number of links to the product, and each page of this product can be found on your website. The objective is to eliminate the need to go through all pages of your site hoping to find the broken links. SiteBuddy tells you exactly where to look.

The total number of products gives you an understanding of how much can be found on your site. It allows you to analyze and make decisions about your entire affiliate strategy.

The next metric shows you all of the product links that contain an error. This error could be a product removed from Amazon or a deadlink entirely. When you send a website visitor to the wrong place, it becomes even more unlikely they will convert.

Lastly, you can use the out of stock feature to simply find and replace links with similar products. By creating a separate metric for these links, it is much easier to replace those links with newly stocked products instead of a traditional error link.

How Does SiteBuddy Make You More Money?

SiteBuddy continually monitors your website to ensure you are always putting revenue, user experience, and profitability at the top of your priorities. This becomes even more difficult for larger websites with massive amounts of traffic or pages of content, but SiteBuddy simplifies it for you.

SiteBuddy does the following tasks to make sure you are making more money than ever before through your Amazon Associates affiliate account.

  • Monitors broken affiliate links
  • Monitors out of stock products
  • Monitors deleted Amazon products
  • Monitors affiliate tags
  • Monitors affiliate account health
  • Monitors affiliate disclaimer placements

By minoring all of these metrics for your website, you are guaranteed to make more money after signing up for a SiteBuddy account and generating your weekly reports. Getting a constant update about your site is crucial considering how often products can change on Amazon. Even just a few weeks of broken links can severely damage your website revenue and performance.

Advantages of SiteBuddy

On the surface, SiteBuddy might seem like a simple tool but it really provides such underrated and complex advantages for those website owners using Amazon Associates as a monetization tactic.

There are three primary advantages to consider when debating whether or not you need SiteBuddy.  

Avoid Amazon Associates Bans

The most important thing that SiteBuddy monitors are your website health and your overall standing with Amazon. By making sure you place affiliate disclaimers in the right place on your website, you can eliminate the risk of receiving suspensions or bans from the Amazon platform.

These disclaimers require extra attention to detail and searching your website for each one can be extremely tedious. Instead, SiteBuddy does a quick scan and identifies what you need within seconds. If you can maintain good site health, Amazon can never give you a ban that will eliminate any revenue you need to keep your website running smoothly.  

Attach An Affiliate Tag To Every Link

Without an affiliate tag on your links, you are losing potential revenue dollars from your incoming traffic. SiteBuddy will scan every single link on your web pages and determine whether or not they have the appropriate affiliate tags included that you need to properly monetize your content.

The SiteBuddy dashboard displays all of your important metrics in the dashboard with a full breakdown of each link and tag associated with that link. By making the recommended changes, you will see revenue increase significantly over time.  

No More Broken Website Links

Broken links can occur for many different reasons and SiteBuddy is able to find these links and tell you exactly where they can be found and why they are broken. Once you know why it is a simple process to replace or fix the link.

Broken links are a really effective way to lose customers. It is disheartening for a customer to find a product on your website and click a broken link to be redirected to the wrong place. This will scare away a potential customer and cause your sales to suffer.

SiteBuddy Plans & Pricing

SiteBuddy pricing plans are simple and extremely easy to understand. They make it easier for a beginner to get started with a free starter plan or allow more advanced features to upgrade for better features with a low monthly premium.

Starter Plan - Free

The Starter plan is specifically designed as a limited capacity tool for a single site owner looking to monitor the basic health of an Amazon Associates website. There are minimal scanning capabilities and reporting does not provide you with a ton of insights, but it is an excellent place to get started towards better optimizing your website.

  • Monthly scan updates
  • Monitors and scans up to 25 pages
  • Single site support
  • Out of stock products
  • Affiliate link monitoring
  • Affiliate disclaimer monitoring

Pro Plan - Starting at $12/mo

The Pro plan is made for more advanced users who need SiteBuddy support for multiple websites. The Pro plan also includes more advanced features like in-depth reporting with download capabilities to export and manipulate your metrics in an Excel file. Scans are also more frequent with better speeds to always stay on top of your affiliate revenue, links, and disclaimers.  

  • Weekly scan updates
  • Monitors and scans unlimited pages
  • Unlimited site support
  • Out of stock products
  • Affiliate link monitoring
  • Affiliate disclaimer monitoring
  • Download reports
  • Export reports
  • Priority customer support

Who is SiteBuddy For?

SiteBuddy is for websites that monetize through Amazon Associates affiliate marketing. The software is made for customers looking to quickly optimize websites without going through web pages one by one to find crucial flaws.

With new upcoming features, SiteBuddy will soon be a one-stop platform for all affiliate networks and give website owners a universal solution when determining how to best find, analyze, and fix broken affiliate product links on a website.

How to Signup With SiteBuddy?

The signup process with SiteBuddy is simple and easy to understand even for beginners who have no experience with the software. First, you start by creating an account and entering all of the necessary information needed like your name, email address, and website link.

You will then have a profile generated for you and entered into the starter plan right away with a free scan of 25 pages along with the other features mentioned. The initial scan will give you all the entry-level information needed to get started and you can take a look around the SiteBuddy dashboard to learn its functionality and everything about the way it works.

There are no gimmicks with SiteBuddy and the low starting pricing will be paid for after a few days. In fact, some of the biggest users we have spoken with say they see a 5x return on investment per month when using SiteBuddy.

SiteBuddy Pros and Cons

SiteBuddy has plenty to offer. Check out the pros and cons to see if this is the right software for you to better scale your Amazon Associates affiliate marketing efforts.


  • Provides regular website scans for reliable monitoring.
  • Free plan available for beginners.
  • Pro plan gives you access to unlimited sites and pages.
  • Scanning only requires a few moments to execute.
  • Recommendations are automated.
  • Downloadable reports are easy to understand.


  • Only available for US Amazon sellers.
  • Limited to only serving Amazon Associates.
  • The interface can be slow or buggy at times.
  • Reporting features could use upgrades.
  • More support is needed for websites using different Amazon APIs.

What is the SiteBuddy Success Guarantee?

SiteBuddy is loved by many customers and rated highly for many reasons, including the Success Guarantee. The key to SiteBuddy’s success is the confidence they display in the product they are selling.

SiteBuddy says that when you sign up "You make more money or it's free". That means if you don’t see your revenue numbers increasing after using SiteBuddy, they will refund your money and allow you to continue to use the product until you see your results.

There are a few rules you must adhere to in order to qualify for the success guarantee.

  • You are using SiteBuddy Pro
  • Your site gets a minimum of 1,000 page views per month with traffic directed to pages being monetized with Amazon Associates products
  • You have implemented all of the SiteBuddy recommendations and optimization

If you fit the criteria, you now have even more of a reason to put your trust in SiteBuddy because it is risk-free. You will be refunded if you don’t see the results the SiteBuddy team guarantees.

SiteBuddy Support

SiteBuddy provides some of the most reliable customer support that can be found in the entire software product market. As a SiteBuddy customer, you can contact the support team directly with any questions or concerns and get immediate feedback with a solution to solve your problem.

Expect even faster support for Pro plan members. This plan includes priority support with more access to customer care representatives to quickly repair any issues you are facing.

SiteBuddy Open Startup

Something unique about SiteBuddy is how they operate as an open startup. This means they give the public a glimpse inside the business on a more personal level, even sharing critical information like revenue and other financials.

You might be thinking, why would a business share this information? Well, it has been something that has proven quite successful for many businesses over recent years. It serves as a way to market yourself for free with extra content on social platforms and lets you connect on a more personal level with potential customers. They see you build from the ground up and feel like they are a part of something special.

SiteBuddy goes as far as to publish monthly income reports with YouTube videos explaining their plans and different things they are currently up to. They include all key metrics in these reports like revenue, users, upcoming features, and more. Customers are getting ultimate transparency with SiteBuddy.

SiteBuddy Affiliate Program

SiteBuddy uses a smart strategy with a highly incentivized affiliate program for customers and marketers to promote the product. Every great SaaS product uses a strong affiliate program to help promote better growth and adoption of its product. SiteBuddy is no different allowing customers, marketers, and influencers the opportunity to promote the platform for commissions.

SiteBuddy offers a 25% commission on all sales made with a 90-day cookie tracker. That means if you drive traffic to SiteBuddy and it takes that visitor under 90 days to sign up, you are responsible for that visitor and receive the commission.

You are also getting involved in a passive form of income. SiteBuddy pays a commission every month with a lifetime guarantee of earnings for all of your signups. There is no end date as long as your traffic remains a customer, you receive a monthly commission.

With such an enticing offer, promoting SiteBuddy is a no-brainer and the product speaks for itself.  

What’s Next For SiteBuddy?

Because SiteBuddy is a relatively new tool on the market, the new expansion opportunities are endless in these early stages. They have made public some of the upcoming features they are working on to attract more website owners.

Some of the features mentioned include:

  • Worldwide Amazon support (UK, CA, and AUS).
  • Better support for websites using their own Amazon API
  • More responsive interface
  • Extended affiliate program support (Clickbank, ShareASale, etc.)
  • Affiliate product recommendations
  • Improved monitoring and reporting times

The downside of SiteBuddy right now is they only support Amazon Associates accounts in the United States. This limits the availability to international customers and those using other affiliate programs to monitor websites. With new expansions, the tool will continue to grow and attract a more diverse customer base.    

What is Amazon Associates?  

Amazon Associates is a complex affiliate marketing program that allows content creators to include affiliate links to Amazon to earn a commission on any products that are purchased. It is one of the most extensive affiliate networks in the world that includes targeted targeting, product recommendations, banner ads, and much more.

The commission structure is typically lower than many other competing affiliate marketing programs, but Amazon gives you a 24-hour cookie tracker. This means that if someone clicks on your Amazon link, then for 24 hours you will receive commissions on the products they buy on Amazon. Considering how often people use Amazon, this is a pretty amazing feature.

It’s also worth noting that if you send a person to Amazon to look at a specific product like golf clubs, but they end up leaving Amazon with a TV instead you still receive the commission. The full support from Amazon on just getting people to the website shows how it is possible to make such excellent returns as an Amazon Associate despite the low commission structure.

You can qualify for the Amazon Associates program as a blogger, publisher, or content creator by using the affiliate links on your website or in your content.

Bloggers are one of the biggest ways Amazon generates sales. They have a wide reach across the internet promoting Amazon products. The SiteBuddy tool is primarily focused on helping bloggers fix broken links on their websites.  

Should You Use Amazon Associates For Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon Associates provides amazing benefits but because they are such a dominant giant in the industry, they tend to offer low payouts and less percentage per sale. So should you use Amazon Associates or a competing affiliate marketplace?

Amazon redesigned the affiliate program recently making it less attractive with lower commissions and changing the cookie length from 30 days to only 24 hours. However, the popularity and conversion capabilities of Amazon have only grown in that time too. Because Amazon carries such a high level of trust in the eyes of a consumer, it is much easier to sell one of their products.

Despite some lower rates and other shortcomings, Amazon provides such an easy setup and promotion opportunity that no other affiliate network can provide. We highly recommend Amazon Associates for those looking to make affiliate revenue on physical products.


  • The signup process to become an Amazon Associates member is extremely easy. You can begin adding links to your website within a few minutes.
  • Amazon is a powerhouse and provides more authority than any other competing network. You will see higher conversion rates on Amazon products.
  • There are billions of products on Amazon that you can promote on your websites. They also have excellent digital products you can sell too.
  • Users can earn commissions on all products purchased rather than just the one they promoted with their affiliate link. It gives you better chances to make more revenue if purchases are made within 24 hours of a click.  


  • Amazon offers very low commissions as low as one percent in some categories like video game consoles. Amazon Associates is better for more luxury products with better commissions.
  • Amazon policies are updated often and it makes it more difficult for SiteBuddy to adapt so quickly and software updates can lag.
  • Creating content to include Amazon Associates links can be time-consuming and difficult if you already haven’t created the necessary content to get started.  

SiteBuddy Alternatives


Geniuslink is a company that focuses on building more effective Amazon Associates affiliate links to increase revenue for websites. They have built a WordPress plugin known as Amazon Link Engine that tries to do some of the same things as SiteBuddy. However, it cannot replicate the same in-depth reporting and identification features.

SiteBuddy is the most in-depth tool when it comes to website monitoring and link analysis. There are no other tools available that can scan your site to see if your disclaimers are properly placed or run a check on your affiliate tags to ensure all links are created properly. If this is a major pain point for you, there is no better solution on the market than SiteBuddy.

My Honest Review of SiteBuddy (Read Before Buying)


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