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The PPC landing page you’re using to get electrician jobs is likely to be losing you leads every single day.

Whether you’ve got an agency managing your PPC or you’re handling it yourself, after all the hard work it takes to gain a visitor, the last thing you want is to lose them because of a bad landing page.

The fact is, simply not having a properly optimized landing page can lose the average electrician a massive 60% or more of their leads.


Here’s a typical story. Your potential customer sees your PPC ad and clicks the link to end up at your landing page that wasn’t designed and optimized by a professional to close the sale. The customer can tell that you offer electrical repair, but there’s no clear path or incentive for them to contact you, or they’re not confident that you are the best electrician for the job. So they click away and all your hard work and money goes to waste and you lose a lead.

The good news is by simply fixing this weak link, lost leads can be avoided, and the right landing page can actually boost your leads dramatically without spending a dime more on traffic.

Until now it’s been extremely time consuming, expensive and a technical nightmare to put together the design, lines of code and scripts needed to create a fast, aesthetically pleasing landing page.

And even after all of that, your expensive landing page still might not convert as well as it should.

Enter Service61.

We’ve driven leads from PPC for over 100+ electricians, and have already spent the time and money to find what type of landing page performs the best - and this is it, right here at your fingertips.

It’s been proven to convert more traffic into leads, reduce landing page abandonment, and maximize your profits.

Whether you’re just starting out or processing thousands of jobs a year, upgrading your landing page will cause more visitors contact you, making you more profits.

The Service61 lander works with all the tools you already use. Connect Google Ads, Google Analytics and more, easily tracking where your leads are coming from so you can scale the most profitable areas of your PPC campaigns.

And not only that, Service61 is the only lander available specifically for electricians. You’ll instantly improve performance just by using it.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur, large business owner or even complete freelance beginner just starting out, and want to quickly double or even triple your leads, then this landing page is for you.

And what’s even better, right now we have an extremely special offer, which is an industry first, but only if you act fast.

We’re going to completely wave the usual $295 fee to access this high converting landing page template. It will be 100% FREE for you right now.

These landing page templates will be gone very soon, as we’re only offering a limited number, and for a limited time. And when they’re gone, they are gone! And you would have to pay normal prices like everyone else.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So act now and secure one of the high converting landing page templates while they’re still available, now.

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